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Kindling icon.jpg
Name Kindling
Season 17
Type Event Currency
Rarity Legendary
Description Earned from completing and claiming Event Challenges.

Kindling is an event currency used in Solstice. It was added in Solstice 2022, during the Season of the Haunted.


Main page: Solstice 2022/Event Challenges

Kindling is obtained by completing Solstice Event Challenges and claiming their rewards. There are 24 challenges that can be completed per character.


Kindling is used to upgrade Candescent armor:

Kindling upgrades are permanent, and will be applied to every copy of a given armor item. Class items (Candescent mark icon1.jpg Candescent Mark, Candescent cloak icon1.jpg Candescent Cloak, and Candescent bond icon1.jpg Candescent Bond) cannot be kindled. 6 Kindling is required to fully upgrade a piece of armor, which means that all 24 Event Challenges must be completed on a character in order to fully upgrade that character's Candescent armor set.