Silver Ash

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Silver Ash
Silver Ash icon.jpg
Name Silver Ash
Season 17
Type Event Currency
Rarity Legendary
Description Earned from transforming Silver Leaves by stoking the bonfire in the Bonfire Bash. Used to imbue Solstice armor with Embers.

Silver Ash is an event currency used in Solstice. It was originally added in the Solstice 2022 event, during the Season of the Haunted. The maximum capacity for Silver Ash is 500.


Silver Ash can be converted from Silver Leaves icon.jpg Silver Leaves through the Bonfire Bash activity. Players must be wearing at least one piece of Solstice armor for the duration of the activity in order for their Leaves to be converted. Players will receive Silver Ash equal to 5 times the amount of Igniter orbs that were thrown at the bonfire. One Silver Leaves item will be consumed per orb. This means that a maximum of 20 Silver Leaves can be converted into 100 Silver Ash in a single match.[1]

Players can only view their currently held amount of Silver Ash when hovering over the option to imbue a Solstice armor item with Solstice Embers. This option does not appear on Solstice armor that has been upgraded with a Spark.


Silver Ash is used to imbue Solstice armor with Solstice Embers:

  • 20 are required to imbue an armor item with Glowing Embers icon.png Glowing Embers;
  • 40 are required to imbue an armor item with Shining Embers icon.png Shining Embers after imbuing it with Glowing Embers;
  • 60 are required to imbue an armor item with a stat-boosting Spark after imbuing it with Shining Embers.


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