Bonfire Bash

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Bonfire Bash
Bonfire Bash banner.jpg
Location European Aerial Zone
Players 3
Power 1350
Expansion Solstice
Enemies Taken, Cabal, Fallen, Hive
Boss Taken Heat-Drinker (Taken Ogre)
Description Celebrate Solstice by building a bonfire in the EAZ.

Burn Silver Leaves on the fire and transform them into Silver Ash to upgrade your Sunlit armor!

Bonfire Bash is the main activity for the Solstice event. It was introduced with Solstice 2022, during the Season of the Haunted. This activity is a successor to the European Aerial Zone activity from previous Solstice events, taking place in the same EAZ map.


  • Bonfire Bash Rules: Stoke the bonfire!
    • Ignition Carriers: Glowing combatants that drop Igniters when defeated.
    • Igniters: Objects that can be picked up and thrown into the bonfire to stoke the flames.
    • Bonfire: Stoke the bonfire with Igniters to make the flames grow. The more the bonfire is stoked, the more Silver Leaves can be transformed into Silver Ash. Equipping Sunlit armor and transforming Silver Leaves increases rewards at the end of the activity.
    • Taken Interference: Taken will disrupt the bonfire throughout the activity. Defeat them to reignite the bonfire!
  • Firebound: When close to a fireteam member, gain increased Recovery and Super regeneration.
  • Flare: Rapidly defeat combatants to unleash waves of paracausal fire around you dealing damage to nearby combatants.
  • Pestilence: When defeated, Psions spawn Void grenades at their feet.
  • Arach-NO!: When defeated, Fallen Vandals spawn a web mine at their feet.
  • Fire Pit: When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time.
  • Epitaph: Taken combatants generate blight geysers when defeated.


Players should have at least one Solstice armor item equipped for the entire duration of the activity if they want to have their Silver Leaves icon.jpg Silver Leaves converted to Silver Ash icon.jpg Silver Ash at the end.[1]

At the start, players must clear some Taken enemies out, as well as a Taken Blight near the Factory. Once the Taken are defeated, the bonfire will spawn. Players will have 8 minutes to stoke the bonfire before the boss arrives.

Groups of enemies will spawn in the areas around the center of the map. These enemies will all belong to the same race, which is randomly chosen for each match: either Cabal, Fallen, or Hive. Each group of enemies will have an Igniter Carrier Major enemy, glowing white, which drops an Igniter orb when killed. These will be Centurions, Captains, or Wizards, respectively. Igniter Carriers are marked on radar when they spawn in, making them easier to find. Only the Igniter Carrier needs to be killed. Other powerful enemies, such as Colossi, Brigs, and Ogres, do not need to be killed, but may serve as nuisances if left alive.

The Igniter must be thrown at the bonfire in order to stoke its flames. The orbs do not need to be thrown at close range, but may miss if the player is too far from the bonfire. The number of Igniters that have been thrown so far is shown under the current objective. The boss will appear early if 30 Igniters are thrown at the bonfire.[1]

Occasionally, a group of Taken enemies will spawn, usually in a far-off corner of the map, or on top of the buildings. Three Taken targets must be killed in this group in order for more Igniter Carriers to spawn. This will usually happen twice per match.

When time runs out, the Taken Heat-Drinker, a Taken Ogre boss, will arrive in the center of the map, along with a group of Taken enemies. There are no gimmicks to this fight, and the boss's health is not gated. Simply defeat the boss to complete the activity. Rewards will be spawned by the bonfire.

At the end of the activity, the player's Silver Leaves icon.jpg Silver Leaves will be converted into Silver Ash icon.jpg Silver Ash. Players will receive Silver Ash equal to 5 times the amount of Igniter orbs that were thrown at the bonfire. One Silver Leaves item will be consumed per orb. This means that a maximum of 20 Silver Leaves can be converted into 100 Silver Ash in a single match. As previously mentioned, at least one piece of Solstice armor must be equipped in order to convert the Leaves to Ash.[1]

Possible Rewards


  • The bonfire will kill players standing beneath it when it spawns in.
  • In the 2021 version of the EAZ, there was a secret cave that could be found below the starting location, with a cat statue inside. A teleporter would allow players to return to the play area. This cave has been blocked off in Bonfire Bash. It is not recommended to drop down to this area, as it is easy to get stuck, forcing the player to return to orbit.


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