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Type Story Mission
Number 11
Location Io
Level 11
Recommended Power 120
Description Since the loss of her Light, Ikora has many questions---and she's not leaving Io without answers.
Friendly NPCs Ikora
Enemy Types Cabal, Taken
Bosses Irausk
Prerequisite Speak to Failsafe after completing Story Mission Six. Get to Level 11.
Previous Six
Next Fury

Sacrilege is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign.


To start the mission, level up to Level 11, then use the Director to travel to Io. Once you arrive, a cutscene will be triggered and you will be dropped right next to Ikora. She will ask you to save Io from The Red Legion and when the cinematic ends, you will start on the west edge of the Lost Oasis on Echo Mesa.

Follow your objective marker over the surface of Io, towards Terrabase Charon. On the way there, you will see some Cabal ships overhead and the Traveler's energy being released into the sky.

Once you arrive at Terrabase Charon, deal with the immediate threats at the entrance - some Phalanxes Psions and War Beasts. Beware the War Beasts, as they can close distances quite quickly, dealing severe damage in melee combat. If you pass over the glowing blue cracks in the center of the region, Ghost will remark that the glowing blue stuff is the Traveler's raw energy.

Then, head towards your objective marker and cross over into The Wraith Mines. Moving into the mines, you will come across a couple of things. First, a large drill that the Cabal used to mine the Traveler's energy, and second - signs of Taken activity.

Proceed forward with caution. After the short tunnel, you will see some floating orbs. These are Taken defensive wards and they explode when you are near them. Shoot them from a safe distance to clear your way forward. Once you pass through this area, you will come across a far larger cavern, and your first group of Taken enemies, Taken Psions, will drop in. Take them out and try to stick to cover. There will be quite a lot of them, and these enemies can duplicate themselves, so try not to get flanked. With some precise shooting of your Kinetic weapon, you should be through them in no time.

Proceed onwards through some catwalks over a bottomless chasm, and you will come across a new chamber. Here, you will have to deal with your first Elite, a taken wizard (simply called a Taken Wizard), and some more Taken Psions. Note that the Taken Wizard will create Shadow Thralls if you are behind cover, so act quickly to take down the Wizard before you get overwhelmed. With it down, mop up whatever enemies are left and clear the area before moving on.

Your next objective is to rejoin Ikora, but in order to do so, you will have to deal with some more Taken, including some new units: Taken Phalanxes that can shoot energy out of their shields; and Taken Thralls which can teleport short distances to dodge gunfire. Fight your way out of the Wraith Mines and back to Terrabase Charon - as you emerge from underground, you will be introduced to Asher Mir and find that the Taken are now opening a portal to bring more forces to Io. In order to stop them, you must kill the three Elite Taken Wizards that are conjuring it, Wyr, the Taken, Norr, the Taken, and Erruk, the Taken. Make your way clockwise around the portal, deal with the lesser enemies conjured by each Wizard upon being damaged, and take them out one by one.

The portal will float down to ground level and as you approach to investigate it, it will explode (it may damage you, but it will not be lethal), erect a spherical boundary and spawn in two waves of Taken Thralls. Deal with them and the portal will spit out your first Ultra Taken Centurion, Irausk, Herald of Savathun.

The purple projectiles shot by this boss can quickly take you down, so take cover and try to claim the high ground while shooting down any homing projectiles shot toward you. Then, pepper Irausk with your Kinetic and stick to cover. If any Thralls try to invade your position, deal with them before refocusing on the boss. Remember that respawning will be restricted, so you do not want to die or you will lose some of the progress you made.

When Irausk dies, the portal will finally be closed. This will end the mission, and you will be transported to Asher Mir's location within The Rupture on Io to claim your reward once you approach him.



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