Season 8 Emotes

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Be SneakyBe sneaky icon1.jpgRareWe'll sneak up on them.
Bone BoogieBone boogie icon1.jpgLegendaryThis one's a Festival of the Lost classic!
BooBoo icon1.jpgExotic"Paracausal power? And THIS is what you do with it?" —Asher Mir
CampingCamping icon1.jpgExoticRelax. We've got plenty of time.
Clash of SwordsClash of swords icon1.jpgExoticExistence is the struggle to exist.
Cross-Step ShuffleCross-step shuffle icon1.jpgLegendaryMoving and grooving!
DingDing icon1.jpgLegendary"Do you really have to keep doing that?" —Commander Zavala
Eat It UpEat it up icon1.jpgRareEnjoy yourself.
Fireteam Fire UpFireteam fire up icon1.jpgExoticGoooo team!
Flare GunFlare gun icon1.jpgLegendaryOver here, buddy.
Give DapGive dap icon1.jpgLegendaryDon't leave me hanging.
Guitar SoloGuitar solo icon1.jpgExoticSo metal.
Happy FeetHappy feet icon1.jpgLegendaryGive them a low-down beat.
Hearing WhispersHearing whispers icon1.jpgExoticShh. It speaks to me.
Make It StopMake it stop icon1.jpgRareOh, come on! Seriously?!
Ninja VanishNinja vanish icon1.jpgExoticPoof! ...Oh. What happened?
PartingParting icon1.jpgLegendarySuch sweet sorrow.
Plant the FlagPlant the flag icon1.jpgExoticHere we stand.
Precise StrikePrecise strike icon1.jpgExoticThat takes skill.
Spring ShowersSpring showers icon1.jpgExoticThe sun will come out.
TombstoneTombstone icon1.jpgExoticIt is with the greatest sorrow that I wish to pay my respects.
Too HotToo hot icon1.jpgRareSpicy! So spicy!

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