Lightweight Frame

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Lightweight Frame
Lightweight frame icon1.png
Type Intrinsic
Description Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.
Auto Rifles Jiangshi AR1
Hand Cannons Lamia HC2, Imset HC4, Helios HC1, One Earth, Shattered Peace, Daedalus Code, Midnight Coup, Dire Promise, The Defiant, Jack Queen King 3
Pulse Rifles Nergal PR4, Psi Ferox II, Nightshade, Argona PR2, Agenda 5, Infinite Paths 8
Scout Rifles Madrugada SR2, Trax Dynia, Manannan SR4, Fare-Thee-Well, Seven-Six-Five, Conspirator, Pleiades Corrector, Purpose, Eternal Blazon
Sidearms Vinegaroon-2SI, The Rattler, Spiderbite-1si, Urchin-3si, Eleventh Hour
Submachine Guns The Showrunner, MIDA Mini-Tool, Daystar SMG2, Furina-2MG, Sorrow MG2, Whip Scorpion-3MG, Red Mamba, Out of Options, Death Adder, Phosphorus MG4, Stochastic Variable, Escape Velocity, Radiant Stardust, Sol Pariah 6
Shotguns Retrofuturist, Badlands Mk.24, Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun, DED Acumen II
Lightweight Frame is a Weapon Perk.


  • Lightweight Frames increase sprint speed by 6.25%
  • Lightweight Frames grant +20 Mobility

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