Appended Mag

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Appended Mag
Appended mag icon1.png
Type Magazines
Description This weapon's magazine is built for higher capacity. Increases magazine size.
Auto Rifles Origin Story, Guiding Star, Restoration VIII, Null Calamity 9, Medley-45, Loquitor IV
Hand Cannons True Prophecy, Dire Promise, Nature of the Beast
Pulse Rifles Standing Tall, Machina Dei 4, Jorum's Claw
Scout Rifles Does Not Compute, Call to Serve, Fare-Thee-Well, Contingency Plan, Metronome-52, Eternal Blazon
Sidearms Etana SI4
Submachine Guns The Showrunner, Protostar CSU, Resonance-42, Harmony-21, Out of Options, Radiant Stardust
Shotguns Retrofuturist

Appended Mag is a Magazine Perk.

Additional Information

  • +20 Magazine Rating
    • Actual Magazine improvement depends on weapon type
  • -Reload Speed