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See Memento (Quest).

Mementos are consumable items used in Weapon Shaping. They are each obtained from specific activities. Inserting one into a Shaped Weapon will allow the player to unlock cosmetic bonuses for use on that weapon.


Each memento can only be obtained from the activity that it is associated with. They can be slotted into weapons when Shaping or Reshaping them.

Mementos unlock cosmetic bonuses when the weapon reaches certain levels:

  • Level 1: An activity-specific kill tracker is unlocked, alongside the Kill Tracker and Crucible Tracker that are normally on the weapon. This tracker shares its kill count with other weapons that have the same kind of memento equipped.
  • Level 20: A title is unlocked. This title, unlike the titles earned from Triumph Seals, is only visible on the weapon's Details screen.
  • Level 30: An animated shader is unlocked for use on the equipped weapon. This shader does not appear in Collections, and can only be used on shaped weapons with the memento equipped that have reached at least Level 30. The player can preview a memento shader's appearance on a crafted weapon through the shader selection menu; all memento shaders will appear together in the list (though the exact location may vary), regardless of whether or not the player has access to them. Memento shaders can be identified by the word "Keepsake" in their names.

If the weapon has already reached one of these level thresholds, slotting the memento into it will automatically unlock the cosmetic bonus.

Players can hold only one of each type of memento in their inventory at a time, preventing them from earning another until they use it. Mementos are one-time consumables; if one is slotted into a weapon and then removed or replaced with a different memento, it will be lost, along with any bonuses it unlocked.[1]


Icon Name Source Tracker (Lv. 1) Title (Lv. 20) Shader (Lv. 30)
Gambit Memento icon.jpg Gambit Memento Random drop from Gambit match completions Gambit Memento Tracker Primeval Usurper Scaly keepsake icon1.jpg Scaly Keepsake
Nightfall Memento icon.jpg Nightfall Memento Guaranteed drop from Grandmaster Nightfall completions Nightfall Memento Tracker Dusk Tamer Triumphant keepsake icon1.jpg Triumphant Keepsake
Trials Memento icon.jpg Trials Memento Guaranteed drop when claiming the first Flawless Trials of Osiris chest of the week[1] Trials Memento Tracker Pathmaker Gleaming keepsake icon1.jpg Gleaming Keepsake
Games Memento icon.jpg Games Memento Guardian Games event (spring) Games Memento Tracker Podium Perfection Champion keepsake icon1.jpg Champion Keepsake
Lost Memento icon.jpg Lost Memento Festival of the Lost event (fall/autumn) Lost Memento Tracker Headless Horror Twilight keepsake icon1.jpg Twilight Keepsake
Dawning Memento icon.jpg Dawning Memento The Dawning event (winter) Dawning Memento Tracker Winter Night Rime keepsake icon1.jpg Rime Keepsake

Patch History

  • 6.2.0[2]
    • UNLISTED: Memento shaders can now be previewed on crafted weapons through the shader selection menu.
    • Fixed an issue where Mementos could drop from activities before players had unlocked Weapon Crafting.
    • Added to the game.


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