Lost Memento

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Lost Memento
Lost Memento icon.jpg
Season 22
Type Memento
Rarity Legendary
Description A rare curio obtained from Festival of the Lost.

When inserted into a Shaped weapon at the Relic on Mars, this Memento will grant the weapon additional vanity options.

You may store only one of these Mementos at a time.
Festival of the Lost
Festival of the Lost event challenge icon.png Festival of the Lost 2023
Complete the "Twilight" Season of the Witch Triumph. Additional copies can be earned from Eerie Engrams.

Lost Memento is a Legendary Memento. It has a maximum capacity of 1.


The Lost Memento can only be acquired during the Festival of the Lost event.

During the 2023 event, completing the "Twilight" Triumph (found under the "Season of the Witch" category) will reward a Lost Memento. The Triumph's three objectives are hidden, requiring players to discover them. The actual required tasks are as follows, and can be completed in any order:

After completing the Triumph, additional Lost Mementos can be acquired as random drops when decrypting Eerie Engram icon.png Eerie Engrams, as long as the player does not already have one in their inventory.[2]


A Lost Memento can be inserted into a shaped weapon when shaping or reshaping it. It will unlock the following cosmetic bonuses when the weapon reaches certain levels:

Mementos are one-time consumables; if one is slotted into a weapon and then removed or replaced with a different memento, it will be lost, along with any bonuses it unlocked.


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