Festival of the Lost 2023

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Festival of the Lost 2023

Festival of the Lost 2023 is the Festival of the Lost Live Event for Year 6, taking place during the Season of the Witch. It will last from October 17 to November 7, 2023.[1]


Eva Levante is the event vendor, found along with the Book of the Forgotten in the Tower.

The Classic Carving quest introduces players to the event. Eva will give the player a Festival Mask, which will allow them to earn Candy and Spectral Pages while wearing it. New Mask Ornaments can be earned by completing Event Challenges.

The Haunted Sectors activity returns. Defeating Headless Ones within the activity will convert Spectral Pages to Manifested Pages, which can be used to unlock new "Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3" lore entries at the Book of the Forgotten. A new Legend difficulty option has been added as a separate matchmade playlist. This higher difficulty features additional modifiers and stronger enemies, including Champions. A single Legend Haunted Sector will be available at a time, rotating every few hours. The Sophisticated Sculpting quest from Eva requires players to complete each of the four sectors on Legend difficulty.

Eerie Engrams can drop randomly from Haunted Sectors, with Legend difficulty guaranteeing a drop. They can be decrypted by Eva, dropping exclusive event weapons and Masterwork materials. For an additional Candy cost, they can also be focused into specific weapons or engrams that drop Exotic armor.

A new Memento, the Lost Memento, is now available, exclusive to the event. It can be obtained by completing the "Twilight" Season of the Witch Triumph. Additional copies can be earned by decrypting Eerie Engrams.

Event Card

The Event Card can be accessed from the Quests tab in the Director next to the Seasonal Challenges. It can also be found on Eva Levante's vendor screen, or through the Tower icon on the Destinations map in the Director.

Event Challenges

Main page: Event Challenges

Event Challenges can be completed to earn various rewards, including cosmetic items, Mask Ornaments, Masterwork materials, and Event Ticket icon.jpg Event Tickets. Event Tickets can only be used on the upgraded Event Card, and expire when the event ends.

Upgraded Event Card

Players can spend Silver1.png Silver to upgrade their Event Card, unlocking access to several cosmetic items. This immediately grants the Festival of the Lost Event Pack, which contains the following items:

Upgrading the Event Card also allows players to use the Event Ticket icon.jpg Event Tickets earned from Event Challenges to purchase the following exclusive rewards:

Ghost Writer Triumph Seal

Main page: Ghost Writer Seal

Completing all 16 Event Challenges will complete the Festival of the Lost Triumph Seal, unlocking the Ghost Writer title. Four additional Triumphs must be completed to gild the title. Gilding resets annually.

Reveler Triumph Seal

Main page: Reveler Seal

Completing 16 Event Challenges during Festival of the Lost events will complete the associated Triumph for the Reveler Triumph Seal. Completing all four Triumphs (including those for Guardian Games, Solstice, and the Dawning) will unlock the title of the same name.

Event Content



Mask Ornaments

Ghost Shells






Ghost Projections

Transmat Effects

Armor Ornaments

Event Items


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