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Festival Masks are a type of Helmet obtained through the Festival of the Lost event.


During the Festival of the Lost, players will be given a Festival Mask by Eva Levante, the event vendor. Additional masks can also be purchased from Eva. Equipping a Festival Mask allows the player to earn Candy icon.jpg Candy and Spectral Page icon.jpg Spectral Pages when completing activities while the event is active. Candy will also drop when killing enemies while wearing it.

Festival Masks can equip Mask Ornaments, which can be obtained through Festival of the Lost activities, or purchased from Eververse. They cannot equip normal Helmet Armor Ornaments. Shaders also cannot be applied to them. The Master rahool mask icon1.jpg Master Rahool Mask ornament is applied by default when a mask is obtained.

Festival Masks do not appear in Collections. As a result, they cannot be reclaimed when dismantled, aside from obtaining a new one from the event.

If the Festival of the Lost is not currently active, equipping a Festival Mask will not contribute to the player's Power Level.

Festival Masks