Masquerader's Helm

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Masquerader's Helm
Masquerader's helm icon1.jpg
Season 15
Type Festival Mask
Class Titan
Rarity Legendary
Description A piece of armor that can be used to equip Festival of the Lost mask ornaments.

This item grants a benefit to Power only during Festival of the Lost.
Gone but Not Forgotten icon2.jpg Gone but Not Forgotten
Quest reward.
Eva vendor icon.png Eva Levante (Festival of the Lost 2022)
Can purchase for Glimmer1.png100.

Masquerader's Helm is a Legendary Titan Festival Mask Helmet, obtained as part of the Festival of the Lost event.



Masquerader's Helm1.jpg


  • During the Festival of the Lost, equipping this helmet allows the player to earn Candy icon.jpg Candy and Spectral Page icon.jpg Spectral Pages when completing activities. Candy will also drop when killing enemies while wearing it.
  • This helmet can equip Mask Ornaments.
  • This helmet does not contribute to the player's Power Level when the Festival of the Lost event is not active.
  • This item does not appear in Collections, and cannot be reclaimed if it is dismantled. It can only be reobtained through the event.

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