Spectral Page

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Spectral Page
Spectral Page icon.jpg
Name Spectral Page
Season 15
Type Event Currency
Rarity Legendary
Description A sheet of parchment filled with illegible, ever-shifting script.

Acquired by completing activities while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask. Defeat Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors to transform this page.

Available exclusively during Festival of the Lost.
Vendor Eva Levante

Spectral Page is an Event Currency from the Festival of the Lost, originally introduced with the 2021 event. It has a maximum capacity of 75.


This item can obtained by completing activities during the event while wearing a Festival Mask:

Spectral Pages will not drop if the player has reached the maximum capacity of 75 pages.


Spectral Pages can be converted into Manifested Page icon.jpg Manifested Pages by defeating Headless Ones in the Haunted Sectors activity. One page is converted for each Headless One killed, up to 15 per activity. Pages are converted at the end of the activity, dropping from the boss chest.