Festival of the Lost 2021

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Festival of the Lost 2021

Festival of the Lost 2021 is the Festival of the Lost Live Event for Year 4, taking place during the Season of the Lost. It lasted from October 21 to November 2, 2021.[1][2]


Eva Levante is the event vendor. She can be found across from the landing zone in the Tower. She gives players a Festival Mask as part of the Gone but Not Forgotten quest: a Masquerader's helm icon1.jpg Masquerader's Helm for Titans, a Masquerader's cowl icon1.jpg Masquerader's Cowl for Hunters, or a Masquerader's hood icon1.jpg Masquerader's Hood for Warlocks. Wearing this mask (which can also equip Mask Ornaments) will allow players to earn Candy icon.jpg Candy and Spectral Page icon.jpg Spectral Pages during the event. Candy can be used to purchase items from Eva.

The Haunted Sectors activity allows players to convert Spectral Pages into Manifested Page icon.jpg Manifested Pages. The Book of the Forgotten can be found next to Eva, where players can spend Manifested Pages to unlock lore entries from the Tales of the Forgotten lore book.

Players who obtained the Ascendant Lens icon.jpg Ascendant Lens from last year's event can give it to Queen Mara Sov in the Awoken Wing of the H.E.L.M. to receive a Bottomless Goody Bag icon.jpg Bottomless Goody Bag.

Event Content



Mask Ornaments

Ghost Shells




  • Ding! — Legendary Finisher




Ghost Projections

Transmat Effects

Armor Ornaments



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