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A Headless One.
Celebrate the Festival of the Lost by exploring mysterious Haunted Sectors.

Haunted Sectors is a 3-player matchmade playlist activity from the Festival of the Lost event. It was introduced with the Festival of the Lost 2021 event, replacing the Haunted Forest activity from previous years.


During the event, the Haunted Sectors Playlist can be accessed from the Tower map in the Director, or by interacting with the hologram to the right of Eva Levante and the Book of the Forgotten in the Tower Courtyard. The activity has a recommended Power Level of 1350, making it accessible to all players. The Gone but Not Forgotten quest will introduce players to the activity, as well as the overall event.

Haunted Sectors are Lost Sectors that have been re-decorated for the Festival of the Lost. The 2021 event included K1 Revelation, Perdition, and The Rift. Flooded Chasm was added in the 2022 event.

A Haunted Sector begins with players clearing out the initial groups of enemies. Eventually, summoning circles will start appearing. They are marked by A/B/C waypoints and disappear after 30 seconds. Standing in a circle will stop the timer and progress the Summoning Ritual. When the ritual is complete, a Headless One will be summoned. These pumpkin-headed enemies are similar to Hive Knights, wielding a Solar Splinter weapon and able to summon defensive barriers. Defeating a Headless One will convert a Spectral Page icon.jpg Spectral Page in each player's inventory into a Manifested Page icon.jpg Manifested Page when the activity is over.

As players complete Summoning Rituals and defeat Headless Ones, the summoning circles will appear more frequently, with two or three appearing at the same time. The team will have 5 minutes to summon and defeat up to 10 Headless Ones, while also dealing with normal enemies that spawn. When time runs out, all remaining Headless Ones will despawn and the boss will appear. When the boss takes enough damage, it will become immune. Two summoning circles will appear, allowing more Headless Ones to be summoned. These Headless Ones will drop Pumpkin Charges, which can be picked up and thrown at the boss to damage its shields. After dealing more damage to it, it will become immune again, with three summoning circles appearing. When the boss is defeated, a chest will appear.

List of Haunted Sectors

Haunted Sector Original Lost Sector Enemies Boss
Flooded Chasm Flooded Chasm (European Dead Zone) Cabal Bracus Gu'ulan, Shamed Legionary (Colossus)
K1 Revelation K1 Revelation (Moon) Hive Oxiith, Abandoned Spawn (Wizard)
Perdition Perdition (Europa) Vex Secluded Mind (Hydra)
The Rift The Rift (Nessus) Fallen Demiks, The Forgotten (Captain)


  • One of the following:
    • Surge Protector - Super recharge rate is increased.
    • Frontliner - Ability recharge rate is increased.
    • Grenadier - Grenade abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster.
    • Brawler - Melee abilities deal more damage and recharge much faster.
    • Heavyweight - Power weapons deal more damage, and more ammo is available.
    • Stasis Singe - Stasis damage increases slightly from all sources.
    • Stasis Thermal Swap - Stasis final blows grant melee and grenade energy. Solar subclasses receive a lot; other subclasses receive a little.
    • Solar Thermal Swap - Solar final blows grant melee and grenade energy. Stasis subclasses receive a lot; other subclasses receive a little.
  • One of the following:
    • Blackout - Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled.
    • Grounded - Damage taken while you are airborne is greatly increased.
    • Glass - Health and shields are reduced by half, but recovery is twice as fast.
    • Iron - Enemies have more health and are not staggered by damage.
    • Hot Step - When defeated, challenging combatants drop fire at their location.
    • Chill Touch - Being hit by a melee attack slows you.


Defeating Headless Ones will transform Spectral Page icon.jpg Spectral Pages in players' inventories into Manifested Page icon.jpg Manifested Pages, with one granted for each Headless One killed. However, pages will only be converted at the end of the activity, with the boss chest rewarding the Manifested Pages. Up to 15 Headless Ones can be killed per activity: 10 before the boss appears, and 5 when fighting the boss. Candy icon.jpg Candy will also be rewarded if the player is wearing a Festival Mask.


The following weapons can randomly drop when a Haunted Sector is completed. Transforming Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages will increase the amount of weapons that drop.

Braytech werewolf icon2.jpg Kinetic BrayTech Werewolf
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Horror story icon1.jpg Kinetic Horror Story
Primary ammo Auto Rifle

Jurassic green icon1.jpg Solar Jurassic Green
Primary ammo Pulse Rifle
Mechabre icon1.jpg Arc Mechabre
Special ammo Sniper Rifle


  • When launching the activity, the game will warn the player if they do not have a Festival Mask equipped. However, wearing a mask only affects whether or not the player will earn Candy icon.jpg Candy when killing enemies or completing the activity. Completing an activity without a mask will still convert Spectral Page icon.jpg Spectral Pages to Manifested Page icon.jpg Manifested Pages and drop weapons.

Patch History


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