Eerie Engram

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Eerie Engram
Eerie Engram icon.png
Season 22
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram humming with uncanny energy. Can be opened as is, or can be focused into an Exotic engram with Eva in the Tower Courtyard.
Source Festival of the Lost Haunted Sectors
Vendor Eva Levante/Festival of the Lost 2023

Eerie Engram is a Legendary Engram from the Festival of the Lost, first appearing in the 2023 event.


Eerie Engrams can drop when completing Haunted Sectors during the Festival of the Lost event. Completing a Legend Haunted Sector will always drop an Eerie Engram.

Eerie Engrams are stored in the player's engram inventory.


Eerie Engrams can be decrypted by Eva Levante in the Tower. They can also be focused into specific event weapons, or engrams that give Exotic armor, for an additional Candy icon.jpg Candy cost.


For Hocus Focusing options, see Eva Levante/Festival of the Lost 2023.

Eerie Engrams will drop one of the following items when decrypted.


Additional Rewards


  1. @BungieHelp. "The following fixes are now live: ❖ Additional Festival Mementos are now dropping from Eerie Engrams. ❖ The "Heads Will Roll" Event Challenge can now be completed in both Normal and Legend Haunted Sectors. Report issues or seek assistance here:" Twitter, 19 Oct. 2023, Accessed 19 Oct. 2023.