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Location Europa
Sector Cadmus Ridge
Enemy Type Vex
Bosses Alkestis, Sacrificial Mind (Minotaur)

Perdition is a Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge.


Note: Champions spawn only in Legend and Master Lost Sectors.

Once you enter the sector you will see a Hydra and a bunch of Harpies down below. Defeat them and proceed forward, at which point a Minotaur will appear. Overload Minotaur also awaits in the next room, with a dozen of adds. After you kill it, take a right turn and go up the spiral staircase. Here, you will be attacked by Goblins, Fanatics, and another miniboss. Two Wyverns will soon spawn. The wave will end with 2 Barrier Hobgoblins, after which the path forward will be unlocked, leading to Alkestis, Sacrificial Mind.


Clearing this Lost Sector solo on Legend or Master difficulty may reward the player with a piece of Exotic armor and Enhancement Cores.