Eva Levante/Festival of the Lost 2022

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Eva Levante/Festival of the Lost 2022
Eva Levante Festival of the Lost 2022.jpg
Name Eva Levante
Faction Event Vendor
Race Human
Gender Female
Location The Tower
Description No longer an outfitter for heroes of the Tower, Eva now devotes her time to making sure Guardians enjoy seasonal events.
Main pages: Eva Levante and Festival of the Lost 2022

This page details Eva Levante in her appearance for the Festival of the Lost 2022 event. She appears in the Tower Courtyard, alongside the Book of the Forgotten.

Event Information

  • Earn Spectral Pages by completing activities throughout the game with a mask equipped. Launch into the Haunted Sector playlist and defeat Headless Ones to transform Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.
  • Manifested Pages can be redeemed at the Book of the Forgotten to unlock urban legends, unsettling rumors, and tales of the lost.
  • Earn Candy by defeating combatants and completing activities with a mask equipped. Candy can be used to purchase Mystery Grab Bags from Eva, which may contain Masterwork materials.
  • Complete Event Challenges, located on the Quest screen, to acquire event rewards!

Event Card

Main page: Festival of the Lost 2022/Event Challenges


Some of these items are for display only, to showcase the currencies and rewards from the event.


Festival Bounties

Eva sells two weekly bounties, four daily bounties, and additional bounties.


Eva sells two weekly bounties for text-center1,000 each. They each reward 250 Candy icon.jpg Candy, XP++, text-centerGlimmer, and 200 Bright Dust.[1]


Eva sells four daily bounties for text-center250 each. They each reward XP+ and 30 Candy icon.jpg Candy.


Additional bounties can be purchased from Eva for text-center3,000 each. They each reward XP, Bright Dust, and 20 Candy icon.jpg Candy.


  1. @BungieHelp. "We've detected an issue where the Weekly Bounties from Eva Levante are only giving out 100 Bright Dust and not the usual 200 Bright Dust. We have implemented a fix for any not turned in. Players will receive any missing Bright Dust at a later date." Twitter, 18 Oct. 2022, https://twitter.com/BungieHelp/status/1582481574100357121. Accessed 19 Oct. 2022.