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A shaped copy of Empirical Evidence. Note the icon in the bottom-left corner.

Shaped Weapons, also known as Crafted Weapons, are weapons created through Weapon Shaping.


To shape a specific weapon, players must first unlock the weapon's Pattern. At first, players will only have a limited set of Weapon Perks to choose from when shaping the weapon. The weapon will start at Level 1. As the player uses the weapon to get kills and completes activities with it equipped, its level will increase. Leveling up a weapon does not inherently improve its stats. However, increasing the weapon's level will unlock access to new perks and Enhanced Intrinsics when reshaping the weapon at the Relic, which can alter its stats.

Shaped weapons generally function in a similar way to normal weapons. Shaped weapons can be dismantled or locked, although they must be unlocked and unequipped to be reshaped at the Relic. They can be infused with other weapons to increase their Power Level. Infusing a shaped weapon with another copy of that same weapon (shaped or not) will cost text-center1,000 instead of an Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Module. Legendary shaped weapons can equip Weapon Mods.

Enhanced Intrinsics replace the Masterwork stat bonus found on normal weapons. Each will increase a specific weapon stat by +10. When a weapon is Level 20 or higher, Enhanced Intrinsics will also grant a minor stat boost to the weapon stats tied to the other Enhanced Intrinsics on that weapon. Usually, all of a weapon's perks will be unlocked by Level 20 as well. If a crafted weapon is shaped with an Enhanced Intrinsic and two Enhanced Traits, its icon will receive the same gold border and appearance as fully Masterworked items.[1]

If the weapon has a Memento equipped, it will unlock cosmetic bonuses if it has reached specific levels, with the highest requiring Level 30.


The following is a list of the leveling progress rewarded from various activities. Note that a shaped weapon only needs to be equipped when an activity is completed to gain progress.

In general, activities that reward progress for Deepsight Resonance weapons will reward a smaller amount of progress for shaped weapons. Because the progress bar only displays whole number percentages, it is difficult to determine the exact amount of progress given by certain activities.

Activity Leveling Progress
1 Strike completion ~25%
1 Crucible match completion (win) ~16%
~2 (non-Guardian) enemies killed ~1%
1 (non-Guardian) enemy killed <1%
1 bounty completion 0%
1 Lost Sector completion 0%


  • Using shaped weapons to complete normal difficulty PvE activities without additional modifiers, such as Strikes, bounties requiring weapon kills, patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors, can help speed up progress early on. PvP activities, such as Crucible and Gambit, may be more difficult without a good build.
  • Equipping traits that help the weapon clear large groups of weak enemies more quickly, rather than doing more damage to stronger enemies and bosses, can make the leveling process go somewhat faster.

Patch History


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