Crucible Tracker

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Crucible Tracker
Crucible tracker icon1.png
Item Type Weapon Perk
Type Trait
Description This weapon tracks the number of Crucible opponents you defeated with it.

Crucible Tracker is a Weapon Perk.


Toggling this perk on displays a Crucible kill counter on the weapon's tooltip and Details screen. Crucible Tracker is available on most weapons in the game along with Kill Tracker. Players can choose between the two perks.


  • Crucible Tracker only counts Guardian kills.
  • If Kill Tracker is toggled on, or if the tracker is disabled, Crucible Tracker's count will not increase on Guardian kills.
  • Crucible Tracker was originally only available on Masterworked weapons.

Patch History

    • Kill Trackers
      • Now visible by default on all weapons that shipped in Forsaken and later.
        • Exotic weapons from earlier than that will be updated in a later release.


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