Gyrfalcon's Hauberk

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Gyrfalcon's Hauberk
Gyrfalcon's hauberk icon1.jpg
Season 18
Type Chest Armor
Class Hunter
Rarity Exotic
Description The higher your flight, the faster your dive.
Lost Sector icon.png Lost Sectors
Solo Legend and Master difficulty rare drop.
Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram
Possible drop when unlocked in Collections.

Gyrfalcon's Hauberk is a Exotic Chest Armor.



  • See me, feel me icon1.png See Me, Feel Me - Your weapons gain a bonus to damage briefly after you emerge from being invisible. When you are invisible and defeat a combatant using a finisher, nearby combatants turn volatile; you and your nearby allies gain a reserve overshield and improved class ability regen. These reserve overshields can be deployed by using a class ability.



  • This item was temporarily disabled after its release in the Season of Plunder. This was confirmed to be the case by the developers on September 15, 2022, stating that it was due to an unspecified issue.[1] They later announced that an update to fix the issue was scheduled for mid-October.[2] It was re-enabled in Version 6.2.5.[3]


The higher your flight, the faster your dive.

"What's that?"

It's a childish question, really.

"There it is again! Did you hear it?"

That's more like it.


Of course you didn't.

"Do you see something?"

Of course they don't.


I'm just a trick of the eye.

"It's probably nothing."

That's right.

"Yeah. It's nothing."

They won't see me coming.


Gyrfalcon's Hauberk1.jpg

Patch History


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