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"European Dead Zone was ground-zero for a cataclysmic event that left a massive shard of The Traveler — the source of every Guardian's power and immortality — embedded in the vast landscape. For years, only wild vegetation and the remains of an abandoned city were evidence of our forgotten past. Now, the Red Legion are using the European Dead Zone as a staging ground for their war machine.".

EDZ or European Dead Zone is a patrol zone on Earth that contains ruins back from the Golden Age. The region also features old signs in German, which suggests that it might be located in former Austria, Switzerland, or Germany. EDZ is an active warzone, where forces of Fallen, Taken, and Cabal constantly clash.


One of the zones most important landmarks is a huge shard that got broken off of the Traveler during the cataclysmic events of the Collapse. When it was discovered, Guardians started traveling to EDZ to regain their powers. Cabals Red Legion started occupying EDZ after the invasion on The Last City.

EDZ can be accessed by completing A Guardian Rises story mission. It contains 5 landing zones. Sunken Isles on the Northwest, The Gulch on the North that's connected to The Sludge, Trostland on Southeast, and Winding Cove on the South.

EDZ Map.jpg

Other crucial locations include the Outskirts and Firebase Hades, which is Cabals Red Legion base on the North. This is also the place where you can start The Arms Dealer Strike and engage in patrols to help Vanguard, Suraya Hawthorne, and Devrim Kay establish the control of the area.


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The Farm

The Farm is the social space of Destiny 2. Located on Earth, it is a place where players can pick up Adventures and purchase gear at vendors. There are also some other fun activities that are available in The Farm. One confirmed activity is a soccer pitch, complete with goals that count your score. The activities are meant to be a way to draw attention to yourself to show off your gear.

The Tower

The Tower

Sectors in EDZ

SectorPatrol BeaconsChestsRegion ChestsScannable ObjectsMaterial NodesLanding ZoneConnectionsAdventuresLost SectorsPublic EventsSecret Public EventsStory MissionsStrikesWorld Quests
Echion VaefalsefalsefalseLegion's HoldNoneThe Arms Dealer
Firebase Hades8true34truetrueThe Gulch
Legion's Anchor
Winding Cove
Unsafe at Any Speed
The Pit
Excavation Site XII
Pathfinder's Crash
Ether Resupply
Glimmer Extraction
Interceptor Patrol
Pike Gang
Legion's Anchorfalse1falsefalseSunken Isles
Firebase Hades
NoneLarcenyThe Arms Dealer
Legion's Holdfalse1falsefalseSunken Isles
Legion's Watch
Echion Vae
NoneUnbrokenThe Arms Dealer
Legion's WatchfalsefalsefalseLegion's HoldNoneUnbroken
Maevic Squarefalse3truefalseTrostland
The Reservoir
Outskirts9true55truefalseWinding Cove
The Sludge
Sojourner's Camp
NoneThe Drain
Whispered Falls
Scavenger's Den
Ether Resupply
Weapons Exchange
Pike Gang
Quarantine Sector 236: Blackened ForestfalsefalsefalseNoneSpark
Salt Minesfalse3falsefalseTrostlandCombustion
Sunken Isles7true33truetrueThe Tunnels
Legion's Hold
Legion's Anchor
No Safe Distance
Black Oil
Skydock IV
The Quarry
Injection Rig
Weapons Exchange
High-Value Target
Interceptor Patrol
Pike Gang
Glimmer Refinery
The Dark ForestfalsefalsefalseThe SludgeNoneSpark
The Gulch7true33truefalseThe Sludge
The Tunnels
Firebase Hades
Reverse the Polarity
Stop and Go
Flooded ChasmGlimmer Extraction
Injection Rig
High-Value Target
Pike Gang
Interceptor Patrol
The Reservoir0false03falsefalseMaevic Square00Lake of Shadows
The Sludge8true33truefalseThe Gulch
The Dark Forest
Getting Your Hands Dirty
Dark Alliance
Hallowed Grove
Cavern of Souls
Shaft 13
Glimmer Extraction
Taken Blight
High-Value Target
High-Value Target: Tactician
Pike Gang
The Tunnelsfalse2truefalseThe Gulch
Sunken Isles
Payback (Bounty)
Salt Mines
Maevic Square
A Frame Job
Supply and Demand
Widow's Walk
Terminus East
Winding Cove5true32truefalseFirebase Hades
The Gulch
Flooded Chasm
The Weep
Cabal ExcavationHigh-Value Target
Pike Gang

Patch History

    • Fixed an issue where the European Dead Zone node would not unlock for some players.


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