EDZ Lost Sectors

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EDZ Lost Sectors are located in European Dead Zone.

NameSectorEnemy TypeBossesNotes
Outcast Captain
Cavern of SoulsThe SludgeTakenTaken Minotaur
Excavation Site XIIFirebase HadesCabalDust-Chocked Thrag (Centurion)
Flooded ChasmThe GulchCabal, FallenPhyzann
Drowned Captain
has an entrance/exit into Cove
Hallowed GroveThe SludgeTakenVendraxis
Shadow of Oryx (Taken Captain)
Pathfinder's CrashFirebase HadesCabalZerz the Unstoppable Weight (Incendior)
Scavenger's DenOutskirtsFallenGraxus
Blind Captain
Shaft 13The SludgeFallenCalzar
Scarred Captain
Skydock IVSunken IslesCabalDevourer Darg (Centurion)
Terminus EastTrostlandFallenKalsis
Sunless Captain
The DrainOutskirtsFallenDrekthas
Metal Captain
The PitFirebase HadesCabalKurg the All-Seeing Force (Centurion)
The QuarrySunken IslesCabalFortifier Yan (Centurion)
The WeepWinding CoveFallenRannix
Downpour Captain
Whispered FallsOutskirtsFallenKeldrik
Drained Captain
2 surface entrances within Basin
Widow's WalkTrostlandFallenMazan
Lost Captain

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