Lucky Raspberry

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Lucky Raspberry
Lucky raspberry icon1.jpg
Type Chest Armor
Class Hunter
Rarity Exotic
Description > No one has ever died wearing me.
# It's true. She leaves the unworthy before they fall.
Mobility 14
Resilience 7
Recovery 6
Discipline 12
Intellect 6
Strength 6
Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram
Possible drop.
Xur icon1.png Xûr
Occasionally sells this for Legendary shards icon1.png23.

Lucky Raspberry is an Exotic Armor.



  • Probability matrix icon1.png Probability Matrix — Increases the chaining capabilities of Arc Bolt Grenade and has a chance to recharge it each time it deals damage. A full chain always recharges.



"I dunno. Hunter just came in one day with this odd Arc-reacting circuit, asking what it might be good for. All she could tell me was she scored it off some derelict satellite that crashed in the EDZ. So I ran diagnostics on them and it ebbed and flowed with massive Arc fluctuations. No pattern, no match to known solar or extra-solar events. Just random-like. So I hooked one into an old Malina vest we had lying around, and wished her luck. Word's got out, I guess."

—Overheard in the Tower


Lucky Raspberry1.jpg

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