TM-Earp Custom Chaps

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TM-Earp Custom Chaps
Tm-earp custom chaps icon1.jpg
Season 19
Type Leg Armor
Class Hunter
Rarity Legendary
Description Tex Mechanica custom-made chaps, cut for ease of use with accompanying Sparrows.
Spire of the Watcher Dungeon

TM-Earp Custom Chaps is a Legendary Leg Armor.


How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire TM-Earp Custom Chaps



Tex Mechanica custom-made chaps, cut for ease of use with accompanying Sparrows.

TERMINAL-0 LINK – ACTIVE, flashes across Ana's wrist display.

"It'll be about five minutes from the beginning of the quarantine to the EMP detonation," she says, striding back out onto the Observation Deck. "Jinju, you ready for the transfer uplink?"

Jinju: Whenever you are.

"We'll need to hold the observation deck and keep it clear for Jinju to bring the ship down. Once the EMP starts spinning up… transmats can get a little squirrely. Moss, you, that big gun of yours, and I keep the skies clear. Earp and Cog sweep the deck."

Moss-2 takes a deep breath and racks his machine gun.

Earp pauses from loading cylinders, charge running from his fingertips, to grunt acknowledgement.

"Five minutes shouldn't be a problem," Cogburn states with confidence, his eyes noting points of cover terrain.

"We'll need about 30 seconds to clear the effective range and break atmo… or, you know, we crash. So, account for that." Ana loosens 18 Kelvins in its holster, then unslings Polaris Lance. "Ghosts, I want you calling out contacts from up there. Take away their element of surprise."

Jinju: Will do.

No Name:
Moss-2 blinks unevenly. "No Name on overwatch."

Naylor: Keeping an eye on the situation.

Bo: Targets will be marked.

Ana sets into a position and looks to her wrist display. "Here we go."




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