Zenith of Your Kind

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Zenith of Your Kind
Zenith of your kind icon1.jpg
Season 2
Type Shotgun
Slot Energy
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Void
Foundry Emperor Calus
Archetype Rapid-Fire
Description "Earth has no Shadow. Not yet." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Impact 0
Range 39
Stability 45
Handling 46
Reload Speed 71
Rounds Per Minute 140
Magazine 7
Zoom 12
Inventory Size 60
Aim Assistance 69
Recoil 66
Bounce Intensity 34
Bounce Direction Tends Left
Eater of Worlds icon.png Eater of Worlds
Raid reward.
Spire of Stars icon.png Spire of Stars (Prestige)
Raid reward selected from Leviathan or Eater of Worlds.
Legendary engram icon1.png Imperial Engram
Rewarded from Imperial faction icon1.png Benedict 99-40 for leveling Loyalist reputation.

Zenith of Your Kind is a Legendary Shotgun.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Rapid-fire frame icon1.png Rapid-Fire Frame - Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty.

Sight / Barrel

  • Corkscrew rifling icon1.png Corkscrew Rifling - Balanced barrel.
    • Slightly increases Range and Stability.
    • Slightly increases Handling Speed.
  • Extended barrel icon1.png Barrel Shroud - Balanced shotgun barrel.
    • Increases stability
    • Increases handling speed
  • Rifled barrel icon1.png Rifled Barrel - Ranged shotgun barrel.
    • Increases range
    • Greatly decreases handling speed

Magazine / Battery

  • Pulse monitor icon1.png Pulse Monitor - Automatically reloads the magazine and improves weapon handling when wounded—even when this weapon is stowed.
  • Auto-loading holster icon1.png Auto-Loading Holster - The holstered weapon is automatically reloaded after a short period of time.


  • Threat detector icon1.png Threat Detector - Greatly increased reload, stability, and handling when targets are in close proximity.


  • Upgrade masterwork.png Masterwork Upgrade - This weapon can be upgraded into a Masterwork item.
    • Vanguard masterwork.png Vanguard Masterwork - This weapon generates orbs on multikills, gains a random bonus stat, and displays the number of enemies defeated by using it.
    • Crucible masterwork.png Crucible Masterwork - This weapon generates orbs on multikills, gains a random bonus stat, and displays the number of Crucible opponents defeated by using it.


  • The default shader for this weapon appears to be identical to the Calus's Selected shader.


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