Leviathan, Spire of Stars

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Leviathan, Spire of Stars
Leviathan, Spire of Stars Raid banner.png
Location The Leviathan
Players 6
Recommended Power 750
Enemies Cabal
Boss Val Ca'uor
Expansion Warmind
Description On the wings of Icarus.

Leviathan, Spire of Stars is a Raid Lair added in Warmind.


Statue Garden

Make your way from the raid lair to the central part of the map. You will find a large purple cauldron in which you need to throw Engulfed orb to trigger the encounter.

To do this, separate your Fireteam into 2 teams of 3. Team A should control the top section of the map, while team B should get on the side closer to the spawn point. You will notice there are 4 pillars around the arena with white flame coming out at the top. If you enter it, you will get an Engulf debuff, which will kill you unless you pick up the orb. The trick is to come in with an orb so that it picks up the debuff. Before you start though, make sure that you have 1 member under each pillar. Remaining 2 "flex" players will be in charge of killing off Centurions, Gladiators, and Colossus, and relaying the orb between the pillars. Once you are ready, take the orb and throw it in the cauldron.

This will turn the area into a restricted zone and unleash a ton of enemies. The top flex player should start by picking up the orb and tossing it towards one of the top pillars. The player there should wait before the pillar is completely raised before passing it on in the clockwise direction. You will need to raise 3 of them and keep them like that, or else your team will get wiped. Once you stand on the pillar, you will also be affected by Greed debuff, which is deadly. This is why you want to pass the orbs as fast as you can. Once all 4 pillars are fully raised, the cauldron's shield will be lowered and you will be able to throw it inside the cauldron. You will need to repeat this process 2 more times to finish this encounter. Go to the place where orbs were spawning to get a reward chest. Right next to it, you will see a newly opened door, so just drop down to the next zone.


  • Flex players should equip rocket launchers and shotguns to quickly deal with the vast amount of enemies.
  • If nearby brazier starts glowing, this is an indication that you need to raise the nearby pillar, or your team will get wiped.
  • Team communication is the key as you need to be aware of where the orb is at all times.

Jumping Puzzle & Secret Chest

First, you will need to summon an orb. Go to the right and look for the glowing rectangle on the wall. Shoot it to spawn the orb. Remember to pass it between the teammates constantly, so it doesn't wipe you with its Greed buff. Next, go left and into a room with the lewer. You will need to get 3 people inside to activate it. This will extend the bridge, so just go back to the entrance and make your way through the jumping puzzle which involves rotating fans. After some time you will come to a room. Inside it, there is a glowing socket which you need to hit with the orb to trigger the checkpoint. This will also spawn numerous orbs, so you can always come back for one if you've accidentally dropped it. Additionally, these rooms contain levers you need to push to activate the bridges.

Once you get to the second room, you can drop the orb for a bit and go for the secret chest. Go through the door on top of the room and keep climbing the nearby fans. Go as high as possible and you will find a chest, which has a chance of being exotic!

Head back to the 2nd checkpoint and continue going straight. You will encounter one more room before getting to the large room. Once inside go left, where you will find another orb socket. Putting the orb inside will open a special door on your left, where encounter chest awaits, which can give you a raid armor.

Boss, Phase 1

You will find yourself in a seemingly normal looking room. Shoot the glowing rectangles, which will open up a spire that will drag you to the Celestial Observatory. Kill all of the enemies inside to trigger the encounter. In this arena, you will find 4 special plates - 2 on the right and 2 on the left. You will need to stand on all 4 to activate the spire. This process will affect 3 random members of your Fireteam with a Superior Retainer. This buff will give you the ability to use the spire and travel into space without dying. One teammate should go in, while 4 other members still stand on the plates and keep the portal open. Inside it, you will see 3 ships, and one of them will be marked with a symbol. Focus on remembering the outside border, which will be either square, circle, or triangle. Your goal is to destroy all 3 of these ships.

The teammate in space needs to communicate about which symbol is he seeing. Right at this time, an orb and huge wave of enemies will spawn. Someone needs to take the orb and find a wisp in the middle of the arena to empower it. Once empowered, you need to find the button which corresponds to the symbol your teammate has seen. It will be either on the right, left, or in the middle of the contraption. A teammate with the orb should stand on it, while the other 2 members should stand on the remaining buttons. This will cause the nearby doors to open, revealing the outlet. You need to hit it with an orb, after which you will get a message like "Lasers armed".

Soon, another orb will spawn. The same teammate should take it, and buff it. Other members should stand on the 4 platforms once again, so he can take the spire into space. Once there, he should throw the orb onto the marked ship, which will destroy it. All of this needs to be done quickly, otherwise, your team will get wiped. Repeat this process 2 more times to finish the encounter.


  • There will be a lot of adds attacking you, so communication is the key. Moving as a unit is important if you want to stay alive since the platforms are on the open.
  • You don't need Superior Retainer buff to strike the outlet.
  • Nightstalkers, a Hunter subclass, are particularly useful in this encounter. Tethering a symbol will confuse enemies, giving you a lot of rest time.
  • Titans with Hammer of Sol will easily munch through the waves of adds.

Boss, Phase 2

Val Ca'our will spawn immediately after all 3 ships are destroyed, along with dozens of adds. Focus on eliminating 3 Centurions, to get Superior Retainers. After some time, the boss will start glowing purple before unleashing the engulf buff on the whole Fireteam. Quickly find the orb, and pass it along before throwing it at Val Ca'our. This will trigger the next phase, where you will follow the mechanics similar to the last encounter. This time, you need to eliminate 2 ships at the same time, then throw 3 orbs at the boss to trigger the damage phase of the fight.

But First, send the member with Superior Retainer back into space by standing on all 4 platforms. Once he is gone, 2 players should go for the orbs and engulf them, while the remaining 3 need to stand on the buttons and defend from waves of enemies. A teammate in space then needs to communicate which 2 symbols he sees so that you can hit appropriate sockets. Once your orbs are armed, 2 people with Superior Retainer need to go into space and blow up the ships.

This will trigger another wave of adds, so clear them out. Eventually, another orb will spawn, so quickly empower it. This will activate the timer and you will need to wait for the other 2 orbs to spawn. Just pass it along and watch out your that your Greed doesn't reach 10. You'll want to throw the orb to the person who isn't glowing purple, as this indicates they are about to die soon. When all 3 orbs got empowered, go to the back rooms close to the boss and throw them all simultaneously at the robot Callus. You want to do it once he starts glowing purple, otherwise, they will just bounce and do nothing. This will drop Val Ca'Our's shield, and you will be able to damage him.

Split your Fireteam into 2 smaller teams that should position on completely different sides of the arena. This way, his critical spot (jetpack) will always be vulnerable. Using Whisper of the Worm, Sleeper Simulant, rocket launchers and your Super will unleash massive damage. Since there are only 3 damage phases, you need to take down at least 1/3rd of his HP before he raises his shield. Once he has no HP left, the boss will start the last stand mechanic, by tossing out a bunch of orbs. Every member should quickly get one and throw it at Val Ca'our to finish this raid.


  • Titans should use Barricade while standing at plates to negate most of the damage.
  • The boss is going to fire tracking missiles. Standing near the doorway will block most of these attacks.


Armor Sets


WeaponImageSlotTypeImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteMagazine
Last of the LegionLast of the legion icon1.jpgKineticSidearms753982553649130
The Emperor's EnvyThe emperors envy icon1.jpgEnergyFusion Rifles80605333346

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