Corkscrew Rifling

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Corkscrew Rifling
Corkscrew rifling icon1.png
Type Sights and Barrels
Range 5
Stability 5
Handling 5
Description Balanced barrel. Slightly increases range and stability. Slightly increases handling speed.
Auto Rifles Yellowjacket-3AU, Valakadyn, Ghost Primus, Prosecutor
Hand Cannons Midnight Coup, Ace of Spades
Pulse Rifles Vigilance Wing, Infinite Paths 8
Scout Rifles MIDA Multi-Tool, Black Tiger-2SR, The End Contingency Plan, Frostmire's Hex
Submachine Guns Death Adder, Adjudicator
Fusion Rifles King Cobra-4FR (Linear), Tarantula (Linear), Man o' War (Linear)
Shotguns Somerled-D, First In, Last Out, Zenith of Your Kind
Sniper Rifles Borealis, Widow's Bite, The Long Walk, Alone as a god
Corkscrew Rifling is a Weapon Perk.

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