Truth Behind the Stories

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Truth Behind the Stories
A scrap of paper icon1.jpg
Season 7
Type Quest Step
Rarity Exotic
Steps 4
Rewards Truth

Truth Behind the Stories is an Exotic Quest.

1. A Scrap of Paper


Amid the wreckage of the your victory in the Menagerie, you discover a tattered note written in Awoken script. You can't read it, but you've certainly fought alongside someone who can.

Visit the Dreaming City to speak to Petra Venj.


Petra visited: 1


  • This quest is obtained from the reward chest in the Menagerie.

2. Hidden Between Realities


The note that Petra translated for you is addressed to a daughter of Light, and it indicates that there is a stolen Rocket Launcher hidden somewhere in the labyrinthine Prison of Elders. To identify its location, the note indicates that you'll need a map that has been squirreled away somewhere in the Ascendant Plane.

Complete one of Petra's weekly Ascendant challenge bounties in the Dreaming City.


Ascendant chest looted: 1

3. A Map Asunder


To your dismay, the chest did not contain a complete map. Instead, you have a fragment of a larger whole, along with a cryptic note. Whoever hid this Rocket Launcher took great pains to keep it safe.

Unravel the clues to find and decode the remaining pieces.

translucent, soft-shelled hatchling of my heart
prove you are wise enough to bear my truth
truesighted, scour the other chests
you will find one near the cistern on the centaur
one by hunting a child of darkness in the tangled jetsam
and one by fighting alongside the chosen as night falls


Map pieces decoded: 4


  • The player has to locate the map piece bounty first, and the complete a certain objective to decode it.
    1. There is a piece in an ascendant chest in the Dreaming City. It is decoded by turning in a Corsair Badge.
    2. Another piece can be found on Nessus, in the western part of The Cistern. The player has to drink the Tincture of Queensfoil to gain ascendance and be able to see the hidden platforms leading to the chest. To decode it, the player has to defeat 50 enemies with Rocket Launchers while ascendant on Nessus.
    3. The third piece can be found by defeating an Ogre in the Hall of the Exalted sector on the Tangled Shore. It is decoded by killing 100 Hive enemies on the Tangled Shore.
    4. The last piece is obtained by completing a Nightfall strike. It is decoded by completing 3 Nightfalls and killing 60 enemies with Rocket Launchers in Nightfalls.
  • If a piece of the map is discarded, it can be obtained from Petra.

4. Candy from a Baby


You've successfully decoded and reassembled the map, revealing additional instructions clearly intended for someone else. However, that someone else is apparently Fallen, and in your mind, that makes this whole thing fair game. That Rocket Launcher is so close you can almost taste it. Metal... soot... finders-keepers-style thievery... Delicious.

Complete the Warden of Nothing strike while Ascendant, and find the final hidden Ascendant chest.

well done, best beloved. one final trial awaits you. seek out the relics, as i have shown you. there are seven, all told, and all well-hidden. the more you find, the easier your final climb will be.

you deserve this. we will be reunited soon. be well. grow huge.


Rocket Launcher acquired: 1


  • The player has to drink the Tincture of Queensfoil to gain ascendance and be able to see the relics, which look like orbs with rings around them. After interacting with a certain number of them, the player will see a message saying that all platforms have been revealed. The platforms appear in the Mad Warden area, on the opposite side from where the players entered it. They can be seen while ascendant, and lead to the chest with the Rocket Launcher.


Truth icon1.jpg Void Truth
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher