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Meltdown banner.jpg
Zone Clovis Bray Special Projects, Mars
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Expansion Warmind season icon.pngWarmind

Meltdown is a PvP Map. It was removed from the game and added to the Destiny Content Vault with the release of Beyond Light in the Season of the Hunt. It was later unvaulted in the Season of the Deep.


Match Types:

Meltdown consists of 4 distinct areas.

Landing Pad

Located on the northwest, Landing Pad is an initial spawn location. It's of strategic importance, as it contains Capture point C. On the east side, you will also find a Clash/Supremacy point of interest.

  • Back Hall leads from Landing Pad to Outside and contains one of the Control points.


Awning is a long passageway on the right side of the map. It provides a lot of covers and is a high-traffic area since it's close to point B. If you are playing Countdown, you will find one of the two important points just left of the Center.

  • Center is at the heart of the map and is an important point in Control, Clash, and Supremacy matches.
  • Outside is on the far south and can be used to push enemies off the map.
  • Connector is a narrow corridor that leads from Awning to the Landing Pad.


Inside is located on the north side of Meltdown. It provides a lot of covers and is divided into 3 small sections.

  • Storage Bay has Capture point B and is one of the important locations in Countdown matches.
  • Platform is a good sniping location just left from teh Storage Bay.
  • Hallway is on the left and connects Inside to Plaza. It has 1 of 3 Control/Supremacy points.


Plaza is an open area on the far east side of the map. It is an initial spawn area and contains Capture point A. Right next to it, there's a Hut which can be used to defend the position. Plaza is connected with Awning on the south and Hallway on the north.


Callout Map by /u/r3likt