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Glass and Time icon.png This page describes content which is not available in the game.
"Solitude" was moved into the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light season icon.pngBeyond Light.
Solitude banner.jpg
Zone Warmind Facility Hellas, Mars
Playlists  ???
Expansion Warmind season icon.pngWarmind

Solitude is a PvP Map.


Match Types:

Solitude can be roughly divided into 3 bigger areas.


Slope is an open area west of the Facility and takes up the left side of the map. This is where you will find Capture point A and one of two Control points. It also contains a small room called Heatsink that's right in the middle.

  • Mount is an initial spawn point on the southwest that's pretty similar to the Overlook.
  • Gully is a canyon behind the Slope that you can use to defend point A. It also contains Clash and Supremacy points. Go all the way north, and it will take you to the Porch.
  • Porch is on the north part of the Solitude and serves as an entry to the Facility. This is a capture zone.


Right at the heart of Solitude, we have the Facility. This is where you will find Capture point B, which is very challenging to defend, as there are entry points coming from all angles.

  • Platform is a room at the south side of the Facility that's connected to it by a narrow passageway. It's an important area in Survival, Clash, and Supremacy matches, which makes it a high-traffic area.


Melt is an open area east of the Facility. It's also connected to the Caverns and Overlook.

  • Caverns hold Capture point C and important Clash/Supremacy point. It's filled with narrow corridors and has multiple entry points, making it hard to defend. At the west side of the Caverns, there's a passageway that can take you to the Slope or Platform.
  • Overlook is on the northeast part of the map. It's an initial spawn location filled with rocks that provide a lot of cover. This makes it an excellent area to fall back to when you need to replenish your health.


  • Solitude is a close to mid-range map, so we recommend equipping a good Shotgun and SMG.


Callout Map by /u/r3likt