Psychogenic Intel

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Psychogenic Intel
Psychogenic Intel icon.jpg
Name Psychogenic Intel
Season 16
Type Material
Rarity Rare
Description Used to decode and open the Runic Chests awarded after PsiOps Battlegrounds.

Psychogenic Intel is found by completing any activity or Throne World campaign mission.
Vendor War Table (Season 16)

Psychogenic Intel is a material from the Season of the Risen. It has a maximum stack size of 2000.


500 Psychogenic Intel is used to open the Runic Chest at the end of a mission in the PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist.


With the launch of the Season of the Haunted, players must acquire the Legacy: Synaptic Spear Seasonal Heirloom from the War Table in order to continue earning Psychogenic Intel.

  • Psychogenic Intel can be earned by completing activities or Throne World campaign missions. It can also be earned sometimes when killing enemies during the Season of the Risen.
  • With the Throne World Surveillance upgrade for the War Table, completing Throne World activities and campaign missions grants bonus Psychogenic Intel.
  • The Tusked Allegiance seasonal armor items have the Uniformed Officer perk, which grants additional Psychogenic Intel when completing activities.