Season 11 Ships

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Callisto LancerCallisto lancer icon1.jpgExoticPierce the sky.
Canopus WingCanopus wing icon1.jpgExoticPeople used to look up and see the shimmer of the stars. Now they see only the darkness between them. The light still shines, though.
CuttleboneCuttlebone icon1.jpgExotic"And of course, the siphuncle is essential. Heh. Siphuncle. What a great word." —Pahanin Errata
EnneagonEnneagon icon1.jpgLegendaryReach beyond your primitive understanding.
Rimskipper SlingRimskipper sling icon1.jpgExotic"They say you can't catch the horizon. Maybe we haven't gone far enough yet." —Tenet-2
SolpiercerSolpiercer icon1.jpgExoticDrowned in shadow from on high, crowned with light to rend the sky.
The PallbearerThe pallbearer icon1.jpgExoticGrave tidings, I'm afraid.
VG-17 Flying FortressVg-17 flying fortress icon1.jpgExoticIgnore their slings and arrows.
VelocimancerVelocimancer icon1.jpgExotic"I see glimpses out there, in the streaking blue stars. Secrets. Truths. If I could just get a little more speed…" —Final log, unknown Golden Age pilot

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