Xûr's Treasure Hoard

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Xûr's Treasure Hoard

Xûr's Treasure Hoard is a destination in Eternity, introduced with the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event.


The Treasure Hoard can be found in Eternity, and is accessed through the Destinations menu in the Director. Players can acquire quests, bounties, and rewards from Xûr and the Starhorse. Strange Coin icon.jpg Strange Coins, earned through Dares of Eternity, can be used to purchase various items and bounties from Starhorse. Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys can be used to open various chests in the treasure room.



  • Xûr's Dominion: The treasure room. This is the landing zone for this destination.
  • Valley: An outdoor area accessed through a portal near the landing zone. This is the same area where the first phase of Dares of Eternity takes place, but without any enemies or hazards. This area is relevant to the Magnum Opus quest, which rewards the Forerunner icon1.jpg Forerunner Exotic Sidearm.

Weapon Chest

The white chest near Xûr can be opened with 1 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Key, rewarding a 30th Anniversary weapon. The possible weapons that can be obtained from this chest include:

Bxr-55 battler icon1.jpg Solar BxR-55 Battler
Primary ammo Pulse Rifle
Pardon our dust icon1.jpg Kinetic Pardon Our Dust
Special ammo Grenade Launcher
Retraced path icon1.jpg Solar Retraced Path
Special ammo Trace Rifle

Wastelander m5 icon1.jpg Kinetic Wastelander M5
Special ammo Shotgun
Half-truths icon1.jpg Arc Half-Truths
Heavy ammo Sword
The other half icon1.jpg Void The Other Half
Heavy ammo Sword

Golden Chests

The treasure room contains many golden chests that reward cosmetic items. Ownership of the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack is required to open these chests. They also require the player to reach a certain level of Strange Favor rank with Xûr, and cost a certain number of Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys to open. The hologram floating above a chest will indicate its contents. The chests contain a set of armor ornaments for each class inspired by Bungie's Marathon games, as well as a Ghost Shell, Sparrow, and Ship. One chest rewards the Celebration Weapon Mod consumable Sweaty Confetti icon.jpg Sweaty Confetti, and can be opened repeatedly to obtain additional copies.

Each class has its own set of five chests, placed in a corner of the room next to a statue of that class. The chests do not need to be opened by a character belonging to that class.

Rank Reward Cost
1 Sweaty Confetti icon.jpg Sweaty Confetti 1 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Key (repeatable)
4 Pfhorian helm icon1.jpg Pfhorian Helm (Titan) 3 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys
Deimosborn mask icon1.jpg Deimosborn Mask (Hunter)
S'phtish cover icon1.jpg S'phtish Cover (Warlock)
Pfhorian gauntlets icon1.jpg Pfhorian Gauntlets (Titan)
Deimosborn grips icon1.jpg Deimosborn Grips (Hunter)
S'phtish gloves icon1.jpg S'phtish Gloves (Warlock)
7 Pfhorian plate icon1.jpg Pfhorian Plate (Titan) 5 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys
Deimosborn vest icon1.jpg Deimosborn Vest (Hunter)
S'phtish robes icon1.jpg S'phtish Robes (Warlock)
10 Pfhorian greaves icon1.jpg Pfhorian Greaves (Titan)
Deimosborn strides icon1.jpg Deimosborn Strides (Hunter)
S'phtish boots icon1.jpg S'phtish Boots (Warlock)
13 Pfhorian mark icon1.jpg Pfhorian Mark (Titan) 7 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys
Deimosborn cloak icon1.jpg Deimosborn Cloak (Hunter)
S'phtish bond icon1.jpg S'phtish Bond (Warlock)
16 Equator shell icon1.jpg Equator Shell 3 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys
Inspired eidolon icon1.jpg Inspired Eidolon 5 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys
Unixûrsal voyager icon1.jpg Unixûrsal Voyager 7 Treasure Key.jpg Treasure Keys



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