Sweaty Confetti

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Sweaty Confetti
Sweaty Confetti icon.jpg
Name Sweaty Confetti
Season 15
Type Weapon Mod
Rarity Legendary
Description Causes a festive celebration on each precision final blow.

This cosmetic mod is consumed when inserted into a weapon.
Source Xûr's Treasure Hoard in Eternity

Sweaty Confetti is a Weapon Mod.



  • Precision final blows with the weapon will create a burst of confetti and play a cheering sound effect.
  • Applying this to a weapon consumes the Mod. Applying another Mod to the same weapon will destroy the Sweaty Confetti Mod.
  • Cannot be applied to Fusion Rifles, Glaives, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Swords.


  • The burst of confetti does not deal damage, nor does it have any effect on enemies. It is purely cosmetic.
  • This Mod is most likely a reference to the Grunt Birthday Party skull effect from the Halo series, which was created by Bungie.