Petra Venj

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Petra Venj
Petra npc.png
Name Petra Venj
Title Queen's Wrath
Race Awoken
Gender Female
Location Dreaming City
Description A warrior of the Reef, Petra Venj puts duty above all else.

Petra Venj is the Queen's Wrath and the vendor of the Dreaming City.


Petra can be found in three main sectors of the Dreaming City, her location depends on the curse's power.

  • The Strand — when the curse is at its weakest, Petra is in the eastern part of the Strand.
  • Divalian Mists — when the curse is growing stronger, she can be found near the landing zone.
  • Rheasilvia — when the curse is at its most powerful, she is located in western Rheasilvia.

While the fireteam leader has ongoing Forsaken missions, Petra will also be located beside The Spider in Tangled Shore as a quest vendor.



Petra offers two weekly and five daily bounties.




Petra offers an Exotic quest, and two repeatable quests each week, one of which changes depending on the curse.

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