Getting Your Hands Dirty

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Getting Your Hands Dirty
Type Adventures
Number 07
Location The Sludge, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 160
Description Seize upon the Taken invasion of the EDZ, direct their assault against the Red Legion, and end it before it gets out of control.
Prerequisite Talk to Hawthorne after completing Story Mission Fury.
Previous Reverse the Polarity
Next Unsafe at Any Speed
Equipment Nanty Narker, Rare Gear
Getting Your Hands Dirty is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 160

Equipment Recommendations:

  • Having at least one Arc-based weapon is a must, in order to quickly deal with Taken Contrivers
  • One Solar-based weapon is recommended for dealing with random Cabal you might encounter.


Your first order of business will be to literally get your hands dirty and get 10 melee kills on Taken forces. Your objective marker can point you to the nearest Taken hotspot, so just follow it to find plenty of targets to neutralize. Watch out for Elite Taken Phalanxes called Taken Forerunners - killing one will spawn five Taken Psions shortly afterward.

Once you've eliminated ten Taken enemies with class melee attacks, you will have gathered enough Taken essence to proceed. Follow your objective marker to The Gulch and into Cabal territory. You will have to visit four different locations to scatter the essence in the area. Keep in mind that there will be heavy Cabal presence during this phase of the Adventure, but it is not necessary to fight. It's up to you if you will run or battle the Cabal forces.

Once you have visited all four locations, some Taken Blights will spawn around the area. Follow your objective marker to each one and eliminate them. Keep in mind that they will have some more Taken as backup and it would be wise to remove the lesser foes first, and then focus on the Blights. Your priority targets when you arrive at each location should be the Taken Blightblazers, Elite Taken Vandals, Taken Captains and Taken Centurions, as they can really cause you some problems.

Once you have eliminated four Blights, the Adventure will be completed and you will receive your reward.