Battered Gauntlet

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Battered Gauntlet
This battered and frayed gauntlet offers no protection, but it seems to crackle in your hands. The sparks feel... familiar.

The Battered Gauntlet was a Titan Class Relic. This item is removed from the game.


The Battered Gauntlet could be obtained from random activities at character level 8 or higher. Afterwards, it could be found on the character equipment screen, in a spot the Striker subclass would be accessed from.

The relic would have a progress bar that could be filled by defeating enemies and participating in Public Events. After filling the bar, the player had to launch a solo activity Shard of the Traveler in the EDZ.

During this activity the player would listen to the Light projections and learn more about their class, then fight off the Fallen on their way to the Shard. Interacting with the Shard would automatically switch the player to the Striker subclass and spawn Wellsprings of Light, which could be used to immediately recharge their Super.

After completing this mission, the player would get access to the Striker subclass with Grenades, Melee and Class abilities unlocked, but would have to spend Upgrade Points to unlock two subclass trees.

All subclasses are unlocked by default in New Light.