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Adieu banner red.png

Type Story Mission
Number 2
Location The Last City, Earth
Level 1
Recommended Power 10
Description The Red Legion has overrun the Last City. The Light is gone. You are powerless. Live to fight another day.
Enemy Types War Beast, Legionary
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Homecoming.
Previous Homecoming
Next Spark
Adieu is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign which begins immediately upon the completion of the previous mission, Homecoming. The entirety of the mission is a Restricted Zone - if you die, you will respawn at the last checkpoint, losing all progress from that checkpoint onward.


Once Homecoming's cinematics end, you will awaken in the ruins of The Last City, within a multiple-section area simply called Exodus. You will be severely injured, you will be wearing a broken version of your starting armor set, and you won't have access to Ghost, weapons, or abilities. Follow the path before you and you will soon find your Ghost in a pile of debris. You will also receive a very basic weapon - the Traveler's Chosen (Damaged) - without any ammunition remaining. Your Ghost will be outfitted with the Last City Shell (Damaged). Once your Ghost informs you that you are not immortal any longer, it will heal you and you will be able to move on (though you will not be able to sprint again until after the mission has ended). Keep following the path until the screen fades to black. (Yes you can jump up the wall under the bridge!)

Next, you will find yourself in the City Outskirts, four days after the Red Legion attack. Move forward, following a falcon, until you find a ruined Guardian camp. Once there, look for the Submachine Gun - the Sorrow MG2 - that should be lying around. The moment you grab the loaded gun (which also grants 25 ammunition to the Traveler's Chosen (Damaged)) and continue forward, your position will be assaulted by your first group of War Beasts, including an Honored War Beast. Take them out however you see fit and move on.

You will now find yourself in the Twilight Gap, seven days after the attack, having picked up some more ammunition in the interim for your weapons. You can't really get lost here. Just stay on the path and keep the falcon in sight. On the way to the final destination, you will get a good look at the restrained Traveler and witness a large Red Legion ship flying toward it. Continue along the mountainside once you have taken in the view, and you will find the falcon again.

After following the falcon again and dealing with another pack of War Beasts and its accompanying Legionary, you will eventually be led to a gap to jump over in your pursuit of the falcon. This jump is impossible, however, so do not get scared when you fall. This will complete the mission and trigger three more cinematics before spawning you at The Farm and granting rewards.


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