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Homecoming banner1.png
Type Story Mission
Number 01
Location The Tower, Red Legion Command Ship
Level 1
Recommended Power 100
Description The Last City is under attack by the Red Legion. It's time to fight back.
Friendly NPCs Cayde-6, Lord Shaxx, Commander Zavala, Ikora, Amanda Holliday
Enemy Types Cabal
Previous None
Next Adieu
Homecoming banner red.png

Homecoming is the first Story Mission of The Red War campaign. It is also the tutorial to the game's basic mechanics, starting immediately after the player finishes with character creation.


Starting the game, players will be greeted by a lengthy cinematic. Once it's over, they will be dropped in the ruins of the Vanguard room within the region Tower Watch of the destination The Last City, Earth. The mission is quite linear, so there is no other choice but to head left and deal with the two Cabal Legionaries that will enter the room, using your first weapon - the Traveler's Chosen Sidearm.

Next up, follow your objective marker until you meet up with Cayde-6. He will take down a few enemies and let you proceed. Moving on, you will be introduced to Lord Shaxx, who will be taking care of some survivors. He will grant you access to a nearby armory. Follow your objective marker to find two new weapons - an Auto Rifle (Origin Story (Homecoming)) and a Sidearm (The Last Dance (Homecoming)). These are common versions that will be lost after completing the level, and are not seen again. The Sidearm's Solar damage in particular is quite useful against the shields of the Centurions in the rest of the mission.

Fight your way forward until you cross over into Tower Hangar and reach The Tower's exterior. You will be presented with the Cabal command ship. You can enjoy the view in relative safety - once you're done, turn right and keep following the objective.

You will enter the interior once more and you will have to deal with a platoon of Cabal. Once they are down, go through the burning tunnel to Tower Plaza.

Once there, you will come across Commander Zavala fighting a Cabal assault and have an opportunity to possibly fight alongside other Guardians playing this mission. Join him in the fray until you have eliminated a total of three enemy waves. In between them, a Cabal ship will pepper you with rockets, but if you stick close to Zavala, he will shield you with a Ward of Dawn for the duration of the rocket barrage.

When you're done helping Zavala, head towards your objective marker and pass into Tower North to look for the Speaker. You will cross paths with Ikora Rey and she will inform you that the Speaker is nowhere to be found. As she blasts a Cabal ship to bits, move towards the market, encountering your first Incendior enemies, and clear the area of hostiles, including your first Elite-toughness unit, an Honored Centurion. When you're done, Amanda Holliday will arrive and transport you to the Cabal command ship, "The Immortal" (contained within the "destination" Command Ship).

You are spawned at an extremity of the ship. Once you get in via the drop pod launching mechanism, you will have to fight your way through some more Cabal. Also, you will have to interact with a hologram to disable the shield doors blocking the way forward. Moving on, you will be met by a more significant Cabal force, including your first Major-toughness unit, Pashk, the Searing Will (a Major Incendior). For optimal gunplay, make sure to use your Energy Weapon to drop Pashk's shields, then blast them with the Kinetic option.

After disposing of Pashk, you will soon find yourself on top of The Immortal and encountering your first sniper-type units, Psions. Dispatch of them and the other Red Legion units nearby, and your first Ultra-toughness unit, Brann, the Unbent Blade (an Ultra Centurion), will fly in to thwart your progress. Wear him down like a Major unit, but watch out for the Red Legion reinforcements that come in from the now-open passage forward once you have reduced his health below 50%.

After dispatching of these enemies and going through the passage, you will have to jump down and make your way to the shield generator room - you may want to take care of the nearby Psions and Incendiors before making the jump. Just before the generator room, you will find yourself battling some more Psions, Legionaries and Incendiors as well as one more Major unit, Kreth, the Living Skyfire (a Major Legionary).

After taking care of the enemies and proceeding onward into the generator room, you will see a couple of turbines. Make sure these don't touch you because they will kill you immediately. Make your way around the turbines, destroying the three shield generators, and your objective will update.

To end the mission, head for the top of the command ship. A cinematic will be triggered and the mission will end, immediately beginning the next Story Mission, Adieu.



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