Shipyard AWO-43

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Shipyard AWO-43
Location Tangled Shore
Sector Jetsam of Saturn
Enemy Type Fallen
Bosses Zetix-7 (Servitor)

Shipyard AWO-43 is a Lost Sector in Jetsam of Saturn.


Fast travel to the Thieves Landing and summon the sparrow. Go left and follow the path till you reach Jetsam of Saturn. Take a left turn and once you reach the cliff go right and drop in the first cave on the right. Go through the complex and you will reach Shipyard AWO-43. Here, you will be attacked by Dregs and nasty Exploding Shanks. Clear them out, go right, jump down and eliminate Vandals shooting at you. You will come in a clearing where a bunch of ads, along with Zetix-7 await. It's a good idea to use a Super at this point, as you will be swarmed by the Fallen from the nearby ship. Just keep blasting the Servitor with heavy weapons and he will soon be destroyed.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Shipyard AWO-43 Lost Sector in the Jetsam of Saturn.
The final room in Shipyard AWO-43.
Zetix-7. The boss of Shipyard AWO-43.