Wolfship Turbine

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Wolfship Turbine
Location Tangled Shore
Sector Sorik's Cut
Enemy Type Hive
Bosses Segrex, the Tainted (Ogre)

Wolfship Turbine is a Lost Sector in Sorik's Cut.


Fast travel to Soriks's Cut and drop straight down. Turn around, and you should immediately see the entrance to the lost sector. Go right, and drop deeper into the underground complex till you reach Wolfship Turbine. Jump down the elevator shaft all the way down and clear out Thralls. Head through the doors and shoot Acolytes and Revenant Knight. Eliminate everyone and go to the entrance marked by blue lights. Head on upstairs and destroy the wall blocking your path. Jump on the platform in the middle and keep climbing up while taking care of the ads. Jump across the chasm to another entrance and destroy another wall to go up. You will come to the small arena where Segrex, the Tainted will engage you, along with a dozen of Thrall. Now it's a good time to activate your super or blast him with a powerful shotgun. The chest will be located in the cave on the left, where you can also break the wall to exit quickly.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Wolfship Turbine Lost Sector in Sorik's Cut.
The final room in Wolfship Turbine.
Segrex, the Tainted. The boss of Wolfship Turbine.