Extinction Orbit Ornament (Warlock Gauntlets)

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Extinction Orbit Ornament (Warlock Gauntlets)
Extinction orbit ornament warlock gauntlets icon1.png
Type Armor Ornament
Rarity Legendary
Description Complete Lost Sectors off Earth while pledged to Dead Orbit to earn this ornament. It is unlocked to the Anti-Extinction Grasps, Gauntlets, and Gloves.


Extinction Orbit Ornament (Warlock Gauntlets) is an Armor Ornament available to the Warlock class.

  • To unlock this ornament, the player must complete 15 Lost Sectors on any destination other than the EDZ while pledged to Dead Orbit.
  • Unlocking this ornament while playing as a Warlock will also unlock it for Hunter and Hunter characters.