Exotic Quests

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Exotic Quests are quests which reward Exotic Weapons, or Exotic engrams.

A Giant's MightJötunn icon1.jpg81JötunnAda-1
A Good MatchSpeak with banshee icon1.jpg103Tommy's Matchbook CatalystBanshee-44
A Hollow CoronationA Hollow Coronation icon.jpg1512Ager's ScepterWayfinder's Compass
A Moment In TimeA lost relic icon1.jpg92Devil's RuinThe Sundial
A Spark of HopePower from the past icon1.jpg127Riskrunner
Riskrunner Catalyst
Commander Zavala
A Weapon of HopeA fateful gift icon1.jpg76Rose
And Out Fly the WolvesAnd Out Fly the Wolves icon.jpg158GjallarhornXûr
And to All a Good FlightAnd to all a good flight icon1.jpg1214Dawning Mirth
Exotic Ship Upgrade - Engine
Starfarer 7M Upgrade - Ingredients Galore
Starfarer 7M Upgrade - Shader
Starfarer 7M Upgrade - Transmat Effect
Eva Levante
As the Crow FliesAs the crow flies icon1.jpg126Exotic
At Your FingertipsAt Your Fingertips icon.jpg132Dead Man's Tale CatalystCommander Zavala
Bird of PreyLet loose thy talons icon1.jpg123Radiant AccipiterThe Crow
Blast from the PastResearch assistant icon1.jpg128The ChaperoneShaw Han
Variks the Loyal
Quest Archive
Butterfly's GraceLe monarque icon1.jpg81Le MonarqueAda-1
Cayde's WillCayde's will icon1.jpg48Ace of SpadesBanshee-44
Cheer Up?Cheer up? icon1.jpg52Dawning CheerEva Levante
Competitive CatalystCompetitive catalyst icon1.jpg133Heir Apparent Catalyst
Darkness in the LightDarkness in the light icon1.jpg47MalfeasanceThe Drifter
Delivery: Amanda and BenedictDelivery amanda and benedict icon1.png91Eva Levante
Delivery: Drifter and VanceDelivery drifter and vance icon1.jpg91Alpine DashEva Levante
Delivery: Eris and CalusDelivery eris and calus icon1.png91Eva Levante
Delivery: Saint-14 and SpiderDelivery saint-14 and spider icon1.png91Eva Levante
Divine FragmentationWhat's this... what's this? icon1.jpg84Divinity
Exodus: EvacuationEvacuation io icon1.jpg1122Silicon Neuroma
Duty Bound
Mindbender's Ambition
BrayTech Osprey
Traveler's Chosen
Commander Zavala
GrowthMissive icon1.jpg115Ruinous EffigyPrismatic Recaster
Heavy Does ItHeavy Does It icon1.jpg163Grand Overture CatalystBanshee-44
Imperial InvitationInvitation from the emperor icon1.jpg112Legend of Acrius
The Emperor's Pleasure
Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
In Rides a Pale HorseEnter the vault icon1.jpg1010The Fourth HorsemanCommander Zavala
Independent StudyIndependent study icon1.jpg67Thorn
Kill the MessengerKill the messenger icon1.jpg162Dead MessengerWar Table (Season 16)
Let Loose Thy TalonsLet loose thy talons icon1.jpg1210HawkmoonExotic
The Crow
Lock and KeyLock and key icon1.jpg57Izanagi's BurdenAda-1
Lost LamentLocate dead exos icon1.jpg1211The LamentBanshee-44
Lumina (Quest)The tribute hall icon2.jpg81Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
Magnum OpusMagnum Opus icon.jpg156ForerunnerXûr
Magnum Opus IIMagnum Opus II icon.jpg152Forerunner CatalystXûr
Make Bows, Not WarThe back way icon1.jpg87Leviathan's BreathBanshee-44
Malfeasance (Quest)Malfeasance icon1.jpg81MalfeasanceThe Drifter
Quest Archive
Memento (Quest)Memento icon.jpg99BastionSaint-14
Nascent Dawn 1/5Nascent dawn 15 icon1.jpg35Ana Bray
Nascent Dawn 2/5Nascent dawn 25 icon1.jpg35BrayTech RWP Mk. IIAna Bray
Nascent Dawn 3/5Nascent dawn 35 icon1.jpg35BrayTech RWP Mk. IIAna Bray
Nascent Dawn 4/5Nascent dawn 45 icon1.jpg35Polaris LanceAna Bray
Nascent Dawn 5/5Nascent dawn 55 icon1.jpg36Polaris Lance CatalystAna Bray
No TrespassingNo trespassing icon1.jpg173Trespasser CatalystBanshee-44
Of Queens and WormsOf queens and worms icon1.jpg1617ParasiteIkora Rey
On Your LaurelsOn Your Laurels icon.jpg102 (6)Rival Warlock Shell‎‎
Rival Titan Shell
Rival Hunter Shell
Eva Levante
Pain and GainJoy in suffering icon1.jpg83Riskrunner
Riskrunner Catalyst
Points Piercing ForeverPoints Piercing Forever icon.jpg133Ticuu's Divination CatalystBanshee-44
REVISION 7.2.2REVISION 7.2.2 icon.jpg153Lorentz Driver CatalystBanshee-44
Rat King's CrewRat King's Crew icon.jpg14Rat King
Relics of the Golden AgeRelics of the Golden Age icon.jpg18Sturm
Report: REVERSE-LUREReport reverse-lure icon1.jpg1611Edge of Action Pattern
Edge of Concurrence Pattern
Edge of Intent Pattern
Evidence Board
Share the Dawning SpiritShare the dawning spirit icon1.jpg1210Overflowing Dawning Presents
Generous Dawning Presents
Adequate Dawning Presents
Modest Dawning Presents
Meager Dawning Present
Eva Levante
Sight, Shoot, RepeatSight, shoot, repeat icon.jpg16MIDA Multi-ToolBanshee-44
SoonBlueprint compilation icon1.jpg124No Time to Explain CatalystExo Stranger
SpellboundPest control icon1.jpg73Bad JujuVisage of Calus
Stasis TriggerStasis Trigger icon.jpg143Cryosthesia 77K CatalystBanshee-44
Symmetry RemasteredNew enhancements icon1.jpg93Symmetry CatalystBanshee-44
Symphony of DeathFaculties of the skull icon1.jpg87DeathbringerEris Morn
Tex Mechanica TournamentTex mechanica tournament icon1.jpg45The ChaperoneLord Shaxx
Tex Mechanica Tournament (New Light)Tex mechanica tournament icon1.jpg81Lord Shaxx
Quest Archive
The Bank JobWitherhoard catalyst icon1.jpg114Witherhoard CatalystBanshee-44
The DrawThe draw icon1.jpg510The Last WordThe Drifter
The Form of the DangerThe form of the danger icon1.jpg183Delicate Tomb CatalystBanshee-44
The JourneyThe Journey icon.jpg86Xenophage
The Lost CryptarchThe lost cryptarch icon1.jpg48Thunderlord
The Machine's GunThe machine's gun icon.jpg36Sleeper SimulantAna Bray
The Queen BeckonsPower from the past icon1.jpg167Sweet BusinessShaw Han
The Stasis PrototypeThe Stasis Prototype icon1.jpg127Salvation's GripThe Drifter
The Tribute Hall (Quest)Invitation from the emperor icon1.jpg75Visage of Calus
The Tribute Hall (Season 8)The tribute hall icon2.jpg81Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
The Voice on the Other SideThe voice on the other side icon1.jpg132Dead Man's Tale
The Vow (quest)An education icon1.jpg83Eriana's Vow CatalystBanshee-44
Top of ClassWreathed in laurels icon1.jpg132Heir ApparentEva Levante
TributesGolden hero icon1.jpg75Memory of Aru'un
Memory of B'ael
Memory of Gra'ask
Memory of M'orn
Memory of Ta'aurc
Truth (Quest)The tribute hall icon2.jpg81Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
Truth Behind the StoriesA scrap of paper icon1.jpg74Truth
Vox RevelataVox revelata icon1.jpg162Dead Messenger CatalystWar Table (Season 16)
Walk the LineSo very thin icon1.jpg122Duality CatalystBanshee-44
Wish-Ender (Quest)Wish-ender icon2.jpg81Petra Venj
XenologyA question icon1.jpg122Exotic CipherXûr