Salvation's Grip

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Salvation's Grip
Salvation's grip icon1.jpg
Season 12
Type Grenade Launcher
Slot Power
Ammo Heavy
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Stasis
Archetype Adaptive
Description "I respect what I cannot steal from and you cannot take from the dark." —Excerpt from an old Eliksni salvage manifest
Blast Radius 30
Velocity 39
Stability 47
Handling 52
Reload Speed 32
Rounds Per Minute 120
Magazine 8
Zoom 13
Inventory Size 40
Aim Assistance 68
Recoil 63
Bounce Intensity 37
Bounce Direction Tends Right
The Stasis Prototype icon1.jpg The Stasis Prototype
Quest reward.
Salvation's Grip PvP Stats

Salvation's Grip is an Exotic Grenade Launcher.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Cryocannon icon1.png Cryocannon - Hold to charge; release to fire.
    • This weapon's projectiles create Stasis crystals and freeze nearby targets.

Sight / Barrel

  • Linear compensator icon1.png Linear Compensator - This weapon's launch barrel is well-balanced.
    • Slightly increases projectile speed
    • Slightly increases blast radius
    • Slightly increases stability

Magazine / Battery

  • Alloy casing icon1.png Alloy Casing - Reduces weight for faster reloads.
    • Greatly increases Reload Speed.
    • Decreases Stability.

Trait 1

  • Flash freeze icon1.png Flash Freeze - Charging this weapon increases the freeze radius and amount of Stasis crystals created.

Trait 2

  • Polymer grip icon1.png Polymer Grip - This weapon's grip is made of lighter material.
    • Increases handling speed.


[in winding Eliksni script:] This power bestowed by the Dark was given first to the Eliksni—not to the machine-children, who are unlucky second-borns, unstoried and short in their memories. Just as the Great Machine touched the Eliksni first, so too does the Dark—though where the Great Machine's touch was fleeting, the Dark lingers.

[a scribbled note:] the cold Dark is an ENDLESS lingering

[in winding Eliksni script:] Encased in the cold Dark, you cease to be a flesh-and-blood thing but become a memory thing, a thing of stillness. To have memory is to be storied and to be storied is to be worthy, yes, but to be still is to be dead. We have not been still since the Long Drift, and we will never be still again.

[scratched hard into the page:] stillness is more than weakness, it is NOTHINGNESS

[in winding Eliksni script:] Instead, we will make still and dead the things that seek to scratch out our memories, so they themselves will be dead-memories. We will mark this place as the Great Machine marked our home, and our story will be told in the scars we leave on this world.

—Notes on Stasis, or "the cold Dark," attr. to Kridis, trans. from Eliksni by Eris Morn


Salvation's Grip1.jpg

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