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Missive icon1.jpg
Season 11
Type Quest Step
Rarity Exotic
Steps 5
Vendors Prismatic Recaster
Rewards Ruinous Effigy

Growth is an Exotic Quest.

1. Missive


Visit the Prismatic Recaster in the Annex of the Tower near the Drifter.

"Thing's making some weird noises. Internal gravity's all… wrong. Never done that before. Bunch of Dark energy sloshing around… linking up with something on Io. Probably none too safe. Come take a look before it explodes." —The Drifter


Visit the Prismatic Recaster in the Annex of the Tower near the Drifter: 1

2. Gift


Complete the mission Interference on Io.

"Savathûn will not hesitate to disrupt our progress. I call upon your strength once again, Guardian. Lay waste to Savathûn's forces in the Cradle and open the way." —Transmission from Eris Morn


Interference completed: 1

3. Pendulum


Collect Calcified Light fragments on Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury using Ghost's Nav mode. Defeat Savathun's Marionettes on Io and Titan.

Eris believes the Pyramids offer a gift in a form we will understand: weaponry. But the branch seethes with an unstable Darkness.

"Hidden chatter tells of ancient Light bubbling to the surface, coaxed forth by the Pyramid's reshaping of our worlds. Furthermore, Savathûn's scouts chase the Pyramid like hungry dogs. She chains their will with ritual and spell-craft. Destroy them. Let the branch consume the Marionettes' bound essence and stabilize it by consuming calcified fragments. My incantations will coopt Savathûn's binding ritual and link the Pyramid's gift to you." —Transmission from Eris Morn


  • Savathun's Marionettes defeated: 15
  • Calcified Light: 25


  • Titan, Mars and Mercury each contain 5 fragments, Io has 10.

4. Feed


Defeat targets with Void damage, chain precision multikills, and complete Gambit or Reckoning.

Higher tiers of Reckoning and defeating invaders/defeats as an invader grant additional progress.

The branch, though tempered and bound, still has a ravenous emptiness at its core. Find power on which it can feed.

"We cannot deny the Pyramid's power encased within this branch. With it bound through Savathûn's magic and tempered in Calcified Light, we may safely unleash its potential. Exploit this. Let the branch feed upon the Taken, upon those linked to Darkness by Worm or desperate promise, upon those with hearts of malice. From their ruin, we will cast a new weapon." –Transmission from Eris Morn


  • Precision multikills: 25
  • Gambit and Reckoning: 18
  • Void kills: 100

5. Shape


Decrypt your Gift at the Umbral Decoder.

The branch is sated and bound within an engram formed from Eris's incantations. The Gift is ready to take its true shape.

"Touch of Malice serves as a blueprint for this weapon. It was crude, vicious, but what I have made for you here is a thing of beauty. It is a catalyst of change, and nothing it graces will ever remain the same." –Transmission from Eris Morn


Visit the Umbral Decoder: 1


Ruinous Effigy icon.jpg Void Ruinous Effigy
Special ammo Trace Rifle