Eriana's Vow Catalyst

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Eriana's Vow Catalyst
Eriana's Vow Catalyst icon.jpg
Name Eriana's Vow Catalyst
Season 8
Type Catalyst
Rarity Exotic
Related Item Eriana's Vow
Description Upgrades this weapon to a Masterwork. Once upgraded, the weapon will obtain enhanced capabilities, such as increased stats and/or additional perks.

Defeat targets using this weapon to unlock this upgrade.
Source Acquired from quest "The Vow."

Eriana's Vow Catalyst is the Catalyst of Eriana's Vow.



  • More to Give icon.png More to Give — Increases magazine size. Holstering this weapon automatically reloads it after a short period of time.


This item is obtained by completing The Vow quest.

Its upgrade is unlocked by defeating 400 enemies using Eriana's Vow.

Patch History

    • Reduced the number of kills required to bring Eriana’s Vow more in parity with other Special weapons.
      • UNLISTED: Number of kills required to complete the catalyst reduced from 700 to 400.


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