Vex Invasion Event

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Vex Invasion Event
Vex Invasion event.jpg
Enemy Types Vex
Bosses Gate Lord
Description A Vex Invasion gate has opened...

The Vex Invasion event used to take place on the Moon during the Season of the Undying.


The Vex Invasion was a Secret Public Event that took place several minutes after a normal Public Event in one of the three zones on the Moon: Anchor of Light, Archer's Line and Hellmouth. A message "A Vex Invasion gate has opened..." used to appear when this event was about to start. Then a gate would open in the skies, and Vex would begin to spawn under it.

A Gate Lord boss (Minotaur) would appear, surrounded by some Goblins, Hobgoblins and Harpies. As its health went lower, it also summoned Hydras. The players had to defeat 3 Gate Lords to end the event.

The additional Overlord boss (Hydra) used to spawn under undiscovered conditions and dropped powerful gear.

This event was removed from the game when the Season of the Undying ended.

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