Geomag Stabilizers

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Geomag Stabilizers
Geomag stabilizers icon1.jpg
Season 4
Type Leg Armor
Class Warlock
Rarity Exotic
Description "The hurricane will overtake you. It's inevitable. Take stability where you can get it." —Ikora Rey
Mobility 12
Resilience 7
Recovery 8
Discipline 6
Intellect 10
Strength 6
Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram
Possible drop.
Xur icon1.png Xûr
Occasionally sells this for text-center23.

Geomag Stabilizers are Exotic Warlock Leg Armor.



  • Close enough icon1.png Close Enough — Damaging targets with Chaos Reach extends its duration.



  • Close Enough
    • Damaging an enemy for the first time with Chaos Reach grants 6% super energy.
    • Increases duration to a max of 7.5 seconds (40 'shots')


Patience. Breathing. Focus.

The clouds gathered as she waited behind cover. The Wizards' wailing was far too close. Her heart clenched, racing; she turned inward.

Patience. Breathing. Focus.

She felt the sky inside her, coalescing, shimmering. She thought of rain. She thought of the cheek of her unexpected friend, cupped in her hand, cold and wet. "Just hang on— Please—" she whispered. Something resembling a laugh susurrated from behind his many needle-like teeth. Water dripped from his chainmail mask into his open mouth. Her throat tasted like metal.

Patience. Breathing. Focus.

The pregnant silence when animals go underground. The dance of water on the roof. The gentle sway of curtains on a humid evening. The distant beat of thunder.

The Wizards, howling now.

Patience. Breathing. Focus.

The dark clouds grew heavier, and each of her bones thrummed with longing. She braided her hands in preparation, gathered herself inward, upward. She turned to run for the Wizards, who danced screaming over the corpse of her friend. The static came with her, wreaths of electricity, brightening at each step. When she began her war cry, the sky spoke for her, cracking, and she threw her palms in front of her—

The storm poured forth.





Geomag Stabilizers1.jpg

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