The Stag

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The Stag
The stag icon1.jpg
Type Helmet
Class Warlock
Rarity Exotic
Description Only bones for your feast. Only death for my victory.
Mobility 6
Resilience 6
Recovery 14
Discipline 6
Intellect 10
Strength 6
Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

The Stag is a Exotic Helmet available for the Warlock class.



  • Dearly Departed - Grants Rift energy when you are critically wounded. On your death, creates a brief healing rift on your corpse.


Perk 1

  • Bow Targeting - Improved target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sights speed for Bows.

Perk 2


How to Obtain

Exotic Engrams

Xur will sell this item sometimes



In a distant life I knew fear. But bones cannot bleed. Your slings and arrows carve runes of power into my skull. I am prey no longer.

I was your sacrifice. Your food, your harvest. You thought I would lie where I fell. But I am prey no longer.

Now it is my turn to stalk you among the long shadows. To make your strength my own. To take all you hold dear.

For I am prey no longer.


The Stag1.jpg

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